European stock market 2024: key sectors driving growth

The Europe Business Observatory looks back at Europe’s top performing sectors in 2023. As 2023 draws to a close, European stocks have reason to celebrate, with the pan-European index up 20% and beating many expectations at the start of the year. However, this upward trajectory is not evenly spread across sectors, meaning that the diverse … Read more

Short trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DAX ends the last trading day of the year higher

The last, abbreviated trading day of the strong equity year 2023, closed the leading German DAX index in positive territory. The DAX closed the last trading day of the year at 16,751.64 points, or 0.3 percent higher. It gained slightly at the opening and then continued to gain, but without major fluctuations. XETRA trading ended … Read more

Hedge fund manager Doug Kass calls Apple stock crash one of ’10 surprises in 2024′

• Doug Kass creates “10 Surprises in 2024” in memory of Byron Wien • The US has its first American president, slow economic growth, ongoing geopolitical conflicts • Apple with sales losses, Elon Musk on withdrawal, media companies under pressure For almost four decades,… Black stone-Strategist Byron Vienna publishes his anticipated “Ten Surprises” column every … Read more

Stock market boom 2024: Famous giants prepare to jump!

After a tough two years for the IPO market, more companies could venture to re-enter the trading floor in 2024. Among the candidates are some well-known companies with growth opportunities – worth a closer look. • Douglas wants to celebrate the return to the stock exchange in Frankfurt • The IPOs of Alibaba’s logistics division … Read more

But no stock market bubble? A colleague opposes GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham

Investor legend Jeremy Grantham is known for his gloomy market forecasts. But now one of his colleagues at the investment firm GMO has taken a more conciliatory tone and praised the stock market. • Star investor Jeremy Grantham is pessimistic as usual • However, one of his GMO colleagues sees a significantly improved environment • … Read more

End of the year: 5 steps to take stock of personal finances

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to thoroughly evaluate your personal finances. Reflecting on financial achievements, detailed knowledge of financial management and identifying areas for improvement will allow you to have a clearer picture of the current situation and better project yourself into the next year. “The financial balance sheet … Read more

How big is the state’s housing stock?

It’s a park property “Extremely Extensive” who is “present in almost all countries of the world”. “This park has a significant scale, both in relation to other European countries and in relation to the main players in the private sector”, specifies the report of the Court of Auditors published at the beginning of December. This … Read more

Stock market games to understand the economy and encourage investment

For some, financial markets are seen as a way earn money without traditional work for others it is a huge casino and for others it is an evil that controls our lives. These views are fueled by stories of dazzling success, the rise of cryptocurrencies, or layoffs that benefit shareholders. To demystify all this, it … Read more

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