United States of America: what taxes are charged in Miami?

After Spain, the United States is one of the countries that receives the largest number of Argentine immigrants. AND Florida is the most voted state. According to official data, 69,000 Argentines have already established their residence in the “sunny state” in Miami. Settling in another country is a real challenge. Having a work contract or … Read more

How big is the state’s housing stock?

It’s a park property “Extremely Extensive” who is “present in almost all countries of the world”. “This park has a significant scale, both in relation to other European countries and in relation to the main players in the private sector”, specifies the report of the Court of Auditors published at the beginning of December. This … Read more

What investment facilitates the procedures for obtaining permanent residence in the United States

Nexo Residences opens its doors to those who want to invest and live in the United States (Nexo Residences) Real estate market USAespecially that Miami, has historically been a popular destination for international investors. The scenario of changes that occurred after the pandemic and the arrival of international personalities such as Lionel Messi increased the … Read more

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