European stock market 2024: key sectors driving growth

The Europe Business Observatory looks back at Europe’s top performing sectors in 2023. As 2023 draws to a close, European stocks have reason to celebrate, with the pan-European index up 20% and beating many expectations at the start of the year. However, this upward trajectory is not evenly spread across sectors, meaning that the diverse … Read more

Gold price growth under scrutiny: This is why gold is increasingly popular with Asian central banks

Gold prices had a strong year. In addition to the prospect of interest rates falling again, massive gold purchases by many Asian central banks may have been a decisive factor in price gains. Why is gold so attractive to the central banks of China, India et al. • Asian central banks significantly increased their gold … Read more

Anis Gharbi: “The future of the real estate sector in Tunisia, innovation and growth prospects.” – Business magazine

Mubawab celebrates its 4th anniversary in the Tunisian market this year. Could you share some of the key achievements of Mubawab in Tunisia during this period? After 4 years in the Tunisian real estate market, Mubawab continues to strengthen its position as the leading real estate site in Tunisia, both for professionals and individuals. Our … Read more

Maquila: Exports reach USD 924 million and estimate up to 20% growth for next year – MarketData

According to data from the National Council of Maquiladora Export Industries (CNIME) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), maquila shipments have already reached a total of US$924 million at the end of November 2023. The document also highlights that 81% of the products exported by maquiladora industries are concentrated in five sectors, the … Read more

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