Housing taxation: property tax, Airbnb, Pinel, what will change in 2024

Tax on vacant apartments extended In order to encourage owners to rent or sell unoccupied properties, a tax on unoccupied housing was created in 2013. It targets owners or users of dwellings that have been unoccupied for at least one year. in 2023 1,140 municipalities located in tense areas were eligible to apply this tax … Read more

Microsoil management 2024: what your tax cut?

When declaring their property income, the taxpayer can choose the micro-land tax regime. The latter offers certain advantages, in particular the reduction of taxable income. Ceiling, tax, micro-property or real mode… What you need to know. summary What ceiling for the micro plot regime? Micro plot regime refers to a tax regime that applies automatically, … Read more

Investment to rent: towards tax relief for landlords? – Finances and inheritance

Rental properties have been at their worst for several years. The 119th Annual Convention of Notaries was thus an opportunity for a discussion regarding taxation of owners. Many proposals have therefore been put forward to regain the attractiveness of the sector. Rental properties are trying to catch on Homeowners are the first victims of this … Read more

Find out if you can be exempt from property tax

Understand property tax : options for increases and exemptions in 2023 PUSH property tax is a crucial topic for every owner property. This year with a significant increase as a result inflation and reassessing rental values, it is more important than ever to understand the nuances and the possibility of exemption from this tax. Property … Read more

Housing: The Court of Auditors demands an increase in property tax

The French Court of Auditors considers housing taxation to be relatively high and burdens owners almost exclusively. He is also advocating an overhaul of the system so that possession is taxed more than acquisition to allow for better market dynamics, i.e. an increase in property tax. Housing taxation is ” reflecting mandatory rainfall among the … Read more

Tax optimization: comparing Malraux vs. Girardin | Neofa

Several investment options offer the benefit of reduced income tax, a method known as investment tax exemption. This approach involves creating a finance charge deductible from taxable income. Investments in real estate offer such possibilities. This orientation is the result of a legislative decision aimed at supporting rental investments, overseas projects or renovation of old … Read more

“As the number of apartments increases, the tax rate should increase”

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) published data on the housing price index (HPI) for the period of October 2023. Thus, the lowest monthly growth rate in the last five months was observed in October 2023, with an increase of 3.8 percent compared to the previous month. Compared to the same month … Read more

Tax Cuts: What Real Estate Investments To Cut Taxes In 2023?

There are many investments that can reduce your income tax. This is what we call tax exemption through investment deduction. This practice consists in creating a finance charge that will be deducted from taxable income. Many real estate investments also allow you to reduce taxes. In fact, the desire of the legislator is to promote … Read more

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