Find Christmas flight deals using AI

More and more stories are going viral that feature artificial intelligence (AI). Now on Christmas holidays, we can mention that artificial intelligence can be of great help in getting tickets to your favorite destinations.

And in the world of travel planning, artificial intelligence is gaining ground and leading the trend with tools like ChatGPT.

In this context, the renowned flight search platform, Kayak, has taken a revolutionary step by integrating the “Best Time to Travel” feature powered by ChatGPT AI.

On the platform, travelers can see a description of the feature, where this new section, available both on the website and in the Kayak app, uses the power of artificial intelligence to offer users optimal recommendations for the ideal time for your trips. Using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, this tool draws on exclusive data from Kayak and other third-party sites.

Likewise, people will be able to have personalized recommendations, as by entering the desired destination, the user will receive personalized recommendations that range from choosing the most suitable month to information on average prices and weather conditions. For example, when choosing Miami, the tool advises visiting the city in May due to affordable prices, pleasant weather and less influx of tourists. In addition, alternatives such as March are listed, detailing activities and pricing considerations.

Clear and accessible visualization is very common where recommendations are presented visually, with easy-to-understand graphs that complement the information provided and make it easier for the traveler to make a decision.

Planning steps can be received, after receiving recommendations, the traveler can choose the ideal dates according to the information provided by Kayak. The next step is to book a flight, with the platform highlighting available flights and providing a ‘Get Flight’ button. For those willing to wait for opportunities, there is an option to generate alerts for tracking and promotions.

People will now be able to simplify their traditional processes when searching for and buying a ticket.

It is worth noting that there are already different versions of people on social networks like TikTok in the world, who share tricks on how to plan the vacation of their economic dreams, thanks to the use of AI.

And this technology helps people improve their daily processes in some tasks that can be tedious and time consuming.

AI data

A report released by McKinsey on Technology Outlook and Trends 2023 revealed that generative artificial intelligence is expected to contribute at least $4.4 trillion in economic value by 2023. And these data are not surprising, because between 2021 and 2022, interest in this technology tripled, underscoring its importance and the opportunities it offers companies.

  • The AI ​​market has a current market value of nearly $100 billion and is expected to grow twentyfold to nearly $2 billion by 2030.
  • Artificial intelligence is widely used for customer service operations and product and service development functions in the high-tech and telecommunications industries.
  • IBM is a global leader in active machine learning and AI patents, with more than 5,500 patent families as of November 2020.

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