They find that AI can learn by imitating you: a big step towards AGI? – LEBIGDATA.FR

Google DeepMind researchers have just made a major discovery: just like humans, AI can learn in real time through imitation! The implications could be huge, as the entire AI training process could be redefined… find out everything you need to know about this new breakthrough! Surely you know: human intelligence relies heavily on acquiring knowledge … Read more

One step closer to life on Mars: AI reveals the secret of oxygen production on the red planet

Recent breakthroughs in oxygen synthesis on Mars using an AI robotic chemist to create REL catalysts from Martian meteorites mark an important step towards realizing the dream of colonizing Mars. This technology promises to establish an oxygen factory on Mars, bringing human habitation on the planet closer to reality. Credit: AI-Chemist Group of the University … Read more

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