A strategic financial plan for the end of the year and a successful start of the new one

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I Asked 6 Financial Advisors How To Make A Successful New Year’s Financial Resolution (And They All Agree)

2023 was the year for me safety mattress. In January, I decided to set aside some of my savings for the completion the minimum that experts recommend having in an emergency fund: three months of income (or fixed expenses, depending on each person’s needs). The goal was that in 2024 my New Year’s resolution should … Read more

Investment in rental: 5 criteria to make it successful

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Keys to a successful new real estate program

When we talk about investing in new properties, it is essential to focus on market players who combine innovation and reliability. A notable example in this area is new real estate developer REALITIES, known for its modern and environmentally friendly projects. These programs not only offer an excellent quality of life, but also a sustainable … Read more