CaixaForum Madrid: where the future of art and architecture meet

In the cultural heart of Madrid, an institution is being created whose facade resonates with history, while its interior vibrates with the artistic and architectural avant-garde: CaixaForum Madrid. Since his inaugurationthis enclosure was built as a temple of culture, a bridge between the past and the most innovative trends. It’s not just another exhibition space; … Read more

Meet the 5 most profitable investment funds of 2023 in Spain: Secure your financial future now

In the current international situation and in the context of the dizzying world of finance, finding solid and profitable investment opportunities is essential to ensure a prosperous financial future. In this article from 3D politicswe present the 5 most profitable investment funds of 2023 Spainthat provide you with key information for informed and strategic financial … Read more

Meet the fastest dog in the world, a robot named Hound who overcomes obstacles

This machine is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 6.5 m/s and traversing difficult terrain such as grass at high speed. A four-legged robot HUNTER managed to create a world record Guinness for the fastest 100 meter race completed by a machine of this type. The brand, which is also considered a new milestone … Read more

Meet Ameca, a robot with consciousness: a new era in robotics?

Discover Ameco, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot capable of expressing emotions and reasoning about its existence. Ameca, an android developed by Engineered Arts, was recognized as the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. Unveiled at the recent Las Vegas tech show, this surprising technological advancement stood out for its ability to gesture, express … Read more

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