Eternal life; These AI companies are hungry for success

Fantasies about immortality and long-term preservation of life are probably as old as humanity itself, but a new development in Robotics and advanced models Artificial Intelligence they bring these stories theoretically to reality at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence researchers are already developing AI models of the elderly that try to capture a glimpse of … Read more

One step closer to life on Mars: AI reveals the secret of oxygen production on the red planet

Recent breakthroughs in oxygen synthesis on Mars using an AI robotic chemist to create REL catalysts from Martian meteorites mark an important step towards realizing the dream of colonizing Mars. This technology promises to establish an oxygen factory on Mars, bringing human habitation on the planet closer to reality. Credit: AI-Chemist Group of the University … Read more

Real estate: buying a house or apartment for life annuity, anti-crisis solution

basic Faced with rising mortgage rates that are crippling the housing market, combined with soaring inflation that is eroding household savings, life annuity sales are booming. As a Toulouse agency specializing in this sector explains to us, a win/win formula for sellers and buyers. For some, a bet on death or for others, on the … Read more

Money Management Lessons You Should Learn By Age 18 That You Can Use Throughout Your Life

Financial literacy is a staple in adult life, but many admit they don’t have the necessary knowledge. AND survey he showed it one in three American adults feel they lack financial knowledge. Reporter Steve Liesman and finance editor Kelli Grant put together the list CNBC Make It with the keys to managing money that young … Read more

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