Microsoil management 2024: what your tax cut?

When declaring their property income, the taxpayer can choose the micro-land tax regime. The latter offers certain advantages, in particular the reduction of taxable income. Ceiling, tax, micro-property or real mode… What you need to know.

What ceiling for the micro plot regime?

Micro plot regime refers to a tax regime that applies automatically, unless otherwise elected, to taxpayers of which the gross amount income from property does not exceed 15,000 euros per tax year. This ceiling is understood to be the ceiling applicable to taxpayer owners and their members tax the household. However, this tax regime does not apply in certain situations (in particular historical monuments, bare ownership or housing located in a conservation area).

What reduction for micro earth mode?

Once the gross income from ownership is established and does not exceed the limit of 15,000 euros per year, services taxes will apply to him 30% reduction. This system makes it possible to deduct fees, which by their nature do not represent income for the owner, but rather a cost. This reduction must be taken into account that the basis of the calculation is the gross income: using the income without fees would mean deducting twice the sums spent on the maintenance of the property.

Micro Earth mode or real? Which one to choose?

The micro-land regime is by definition an exception to the general or real regime of taxation of income from land. The second option applies if the gross income from the property is higher than 15,000 euros per year. It is also possible to obtain the right to hold micro-plots, but voluntarily choose real mode tax: once this choice is made, it cannot be changed for three years. The actual calculation base is the same as for farming on micro plots. This change is aimed at people with high eligible expenses.

At the time of creation tax return Also, land tenure offers specificity to the microsoil regime. In fact, the taxpayer simply has to enter the amount of his gross income from property in his classic tax return, on form 2042. In the real mode, it is necessary to fill out a special return for income from property.

A taxpayer who wants to declare his property income from residential premises unfurnished in the micro-earth mode, it must respect the condition. First, all sums received in the form of rent or in connection with his participation in real estate companies must not exceed 15,000 euros. This limit is assessed on the basis of the annual gross income from the property, which mainly includes fees provided by the owner for the maintenance of the property. Another specific feature of the micro-earth regime is the absence of “proportion”. This means that although some rentals are only affected for a few months of the year, they are generally included in the calculation of 15,000 euros.

The definition of the micro plot regime contains several exceptions. So income from certain premises is not furniture are not taken into account in tax calculation. This applies in particular to historical monuments, objects located in protected areas or even real estate to which deductions apply. For example, an owner who places their home in a rental investment program can benefit from a tax incentive scheme. In terms of ownership income from shares held in funds or companies, not all are eligible for micro-holding: this is especially the case for shares in companies that benefit from a tax deduction underamortization or, under certain conditions, shares in a real estate investment trust (REIT).

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