Payment in cash is already a minority under 35 years of age

Cash and card payments are stagnating, the use of mobile devices is on the rise. In his last Study on cash usage habits 2023The Bank of Spain confirms that cash continues to be the most used means of payment by Spaniards in their daily lives in physical devices (65% use it daily), followed by cards … Read more

The government will ban banks from charging commissions to people over the age of 65 for cash withdrawals at the counter

People over the age of 65 will no longer have to pay commissions for cash withdrawals at the counter. This is one of the main measures aimed at the senior group announced so far by First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Trade and Commerce Nadia Calviño after meeting this Monday with the banking associations … Read more

Money Management Lessons You Should Learn By Age 18 That You Can Use Throughout Your Life

Financial literacy is a staple in adult life, but many admit they don’t have the necessary knowledge. AND survey he showed it one in three American adults feel they lack financial knowledge. Reporter Steve Liesman and finance editor Kelli Grant put together the list CNBC Make It with the keys to managing money that young … Read more