Samsung is shaping the future with innovative steps in artificial intelligence

Samsung is shaping the future with innovative steps in artificial intelligence: Developed by Samsung Electronics, Galaxy AI integrates advanced artificial intelligence features with a user-friendly interface, making Samsung devices an indispensable part of everyday life. According to a statement from Samsung Electronics, it aims to provide unique and universal capabilities to mobile devices using artificial … Read more

What is artificial intelligence? An innovative revolution in technology

Artificial Intelligence: Computer systems that mimic human intelligence The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technologies in which computer systems are designed to imitate human intelligence or exhibit human-like abilities. Artificial intelligence can perform human abilities such as performing complex tasks, developing learning abilities, making decisions and solving problems through computers and other smart devices. … Read more

SCPI IA: innovative real estate investment?

What are the sectors of the future for investing in SCPI? In recent years, SCPIs have been targeting promising investment themes such as logistics and medical real estate, previously unavailable to individual investors. Sustainable real estate also occupies a special place in SCPI’s innovations. Logistics real estate, stimulated by e-commerce, and medical real estate, boosted … Read more

How Proptech is revolutionizing the Barcelona property market

In international news and in the context of the dynamic and ever-changing real estate scene BarcelonaTechnology is emerging as a key catalyst for transforming the way we buy, sell and invest in real estate. The technological revolution in the real estate sector, known as Proptech, has gained significant momentum and created innovative investment opportunities in … Read more

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