Xiaomi launches an electric car with double autonomy and a BMW-style design

Xiaomi Corporation is a relatively young company that quickly entered the world market with smartphones as star products, but this time it is trying to revolutionize the automotive industry. an electric car with double the autonomy compared to the competition and other notable features.

We refer to SU7, launched by Xiaomi which some automotive experts consider serious competition for Tesla on the other side of the pond. Do not forget that Elon Musk’s company represents the United States in the world, and today we will talk about a vehicle of a Chinese brand.

The Asian company will probably use the same strategy implemented with mobile phones, high specifications at a competitive price, until they generate acceptance in the niche and can match their prices to the competition. We’ll see.

We’ll know by now more about Xiaomi SU7.


Xiaomi has invaded the automotive market with its revolutionary electric model Xiaomi SU7, which stands out with its Modena platform, which has remarkable dimensions: Length 4.99 meters, width 1.96 meters and height 1.44 meterswith a wide wheelbase of 3 meters.

This vehicle not only offers an impressive design but also integrates the latest technology.

The 16.1-inch central display with 3K resolution is just the beginning: equipped with a Snapdragon 8295 chipthe most advanced on the market, this model is equipped with a separate screen for the instrument panel and, surprisingly, two additional screens in the second row of seats, giving its passengers a unique experience.

In the area autonomySU7 is positioned as the leader. Your packages 800V battery with a capacity of up to 101 kWh They allow you to drive up to 800 kilometers with a single charge, impressive performance.

Moreover, its ability to recover 220 kilometers in just 5 minutes and 510 kilometers in 25 minutes represents a significant advance in the industry. And really fast charging.

The SU7 series is deployed in two versions notable. From standard, rear-wheel drive aa HyperEngine engine 299 horsesup to the top model, the SU7 Max, with all-wheel drive thanks to two HyperEngine engines 663 horsesreaching a top speed of 265 km/h and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in an impressive 2.78 seconds.

This vehicle does not skimp on technical details. WITH high-performance Brembo brake discsunits assembled for initial testing promise unmatched performance.

The future of the SU7 looks even more interesting. Two new versions are expected by 2025.

The first, the V8S, surprises with an engine capable of working at 27,200 revolutions per minute, thus surpassing current expectations for electric cars. And as a preview of what’s to come, Xiaomi is already planning another motor that should work at a staggering 35,000 rpm.

If you are here for sale prices, we have to tell you that costs are not yet confirmed. Waiting for DEBATE more information about him.

The car not only represents an evolution in the automotive industry, but redefines the standards of electric vehicles, offering performance, autonomy and cutting-edge technology in every detail.

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