2024: How AI, quantum, robotics and other technologies will leave their mark

Although we’re already past the fear of ChatGPT taking the world by storm; that Elon Musk still doesn’t have the perfect humanoid; and that we continue to be more vulnerable to the dynamics of international supply chains, applied sciences push and respond to consumer needs through technological innovation. Meanwhile, what will we see in 2024?

1. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenIA) will be consolidated and will be a platform for new developments.

Artificial intelligence continues to be an expanding field, as it has been for more than 60 years, with new opportunities for large corporations, small businesses, and us data citizens. In particular, generative artificial intelligence stands out as a growing adoption trend. Examples of recent commercial developments such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT have fueled increased interest in the industry. In 2024, companies that have invested in AI are expected to start focusing on improving the experience in their businesses using these technologies, including more sophisticated methods that go beyond simply creating new contexts in the world of language and images. Artificial intelligence integrated into products and services will become increasingly common and change the way we work with technology in our daily lives. Here I share recordings from the workshop recently organized by my students at Tec de Monterrey and which may be useful as an introduction.

2. Quantum computing

Beyond the realm of science fiction, quantum computing is now beginning to attract more attention from industry. In 2024, more organizations are expected to explore how this disruptive technology can impact business. However, the dates of its mass and widespread adoption are still uncertain. Advances in this area will focus on solving complex problems in areas such as finance, pharmaceutical research and most certainly cyber security. This topic has taken on special significance this year thanks to forums in both World Economic Forum and the same Vaticanwhere is our friend Prof. Salvador Venegas had relevant participation.

3. Robotics

Robotics is moving towards more versatile and diversified applications. Only in 2023 could we concretely see the very promising range of teleoperation during XPrize ANA Avatar (in which we were ranked 7th globally) and which has contributed significantly to the accountability of various investments in humanoid robots. By 2024, multi-purpose robots powered by AI advancements are expected to play a more significant role in various new industries and sectors. These developments could push robotics beyond traditional manufacturing and robotic waiters, opening up avenues in industries such as retail and establishing a presence in the service sector and even healthcare.

4. Blockchain

Although Blockchain has not reached mass adoption, it remains a key technology in certain industries, especially now that Nearshoring is re-emerging and offers various alternatives to traditional maquila, requiring ever more perfect traceability scenarios. By 2024, its use is expected to expand in areas such as data security and digital identity, not to mention industrial cyber security. Decentralization and smart contracts will continue to be important themes in the development of this technology, including “document traceability” and identity and differentiation in documents generated using the aforementioned generative AI.

5. Virtual and augmented reality, digital twins and metaversion

Although investment interest in immersive experiences has declined slightly, demand and interest in these 3D environments remains strong. Once again, it will be Apple who comes to dictate the rules of business and we will see what surprises they will give us with “Vision Pro”, about which I will be able to tell you my experience at the end of January 2024. In 2024, it is expected to continue to focus on the development of various meta-versions and other immersive experiences, although their mass adoption still faces significant challenges.

The year 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting time in technology again, with significant advances in areas such as generative artificial intelligence, quantum computing, service robotics, blockchain, and immersive experiences (virtual and augmented reality). Organizations that can effectively integrate these technologies into their operations will be able to offer better experiences to their customers and employees, making a difference in an ever-changing market. These trends will not only affect how companies operate and compete, but will also have a profound impact on our daily lives.

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