The Ministry of National Education invites qualified young people abroad with postgraduate education!

The Ministry of National Education invites qualified young people abroad with postgraduate education!

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) has started looking for students for postgraduate studies to strengthen Turkey’s skilled human resources. Here are the details:

Postgraduate training opportunity for 850 young people

The MEB offers 850 young people who have demonstrated exceptional success in postgraduate education the opportunity to study abroad with official scholarships. In this context, 529 students from 81 Turkish universities and 321 students from 27 different public institutions will continue their higher education abroad.

Applications are accepted via REBUS

Applications will be accepted through the Official Scholarship Scheme for Students (REBUS) until 29 December. During this process, applicants will be able to apply to graduate fields that are suitable for them.

Large graduate fields and quotas

MEB prioritizes diversity in graduate education. The 2023 Masters and Doctoral Scholarship Program will offer scholarship opportunities in 430 different fields. These areas include important issues such as new technologies in education, artificial intelligence education, philosophy of education, statistics, special education, instructional technology and material development, and adult education.

Who can apply for the MEB scholarship program?

Applicants applying to the program have a chance to be appointed to the position of National Education Specialist upon successful completion of their doctoral studies. In the oral exam, applicants will be assessed on subjects such as subject knowledge, expressive skills, communication skills and academic aptitude.

Scholarship educational process

Applicants placed in the institution’s quota will be eligible for official scholarships after submitting complete documents. Students who want to study at the master’s and doctoral degrees are given one year to study, a maximum of 2 years for a master’s degree and a maximum of 4 years for a doctorate.

The MEB’s increasing scholarship budget

Over the past 10 years, the Ministry of Education has increased the budget for master’s and doctoral education approximately 10 times to 2 billion 210 million lira. These scholarships provide financial support to students in many areas, such as school fees, monthly stipends, medical expenses, transportation costs, foreign language exam fees, and stationery assistance.

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