With financial education, Contactar supports the recovery of the Runa Shimi language of the Yanakona indigenous people in Huila – TSMNoticias.com

As a pioneering project in Colombia, Contactar and the Yanakona community of the Intillagta Reserve in Pitalito, Huila have joined forces to promote My country – Ă‘UKAPA ALPA, Finance with an ethnic sense, a model of inclusion and financial education, focused on the restoration of ancestral knowledge, which is on the verge of extinction, and … Read more

Real estate crisis, proptech and… legal recovery

Thierry Vignal, founder in 2019 of turnkey investment specialist Masteos, discusses the decline of proptech. In this new episode My real estate podcastan entrepreneur who personified success – Masteos was valued at 150 million in March 2023, adds without limitation. “We had better news to announce on Christmas Day, explains. Unfortunately, the state of the … Read more

Poor recovery fund milestones, ministers who are indifferent, the difficult relationship between BSE and “Greek manufacturing” and the forgotten investments of TAIPED – Airport

Recovery fund losses and incorrect milestones In-government friction and leaks over long delays in Recovery Fund projects, a topic this column has recently covered, are a nail in the face of market people’s certainty that “a certain loss of hundreds of millions of euros if Italy and Spain don’t back down.”, to extend beyond 2025″. … Read more

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