New record in sight for CAC 40 thanks to Jerome Powell

(AOF) – European markets are expected to surge in the wake of Wall Street. Yesterday, the Fed did not dampen market expectations of a rate cut as economists had expected. On the contrary, its members plan 3 reductions of 25 basis points in 2024. The ECB and the Bank of England will announce their decisions … Read more

Property in Nantes: Are you investing in old buildings to renovate or in new ones?

Property investment in Nantes comes in two main forms: buying old properties to renovate and investing in new properties. Each of these options offers specific benefits, whether it’s charm and potential added value for the old, or comfort and energy efficiency for the new. This article examines these two routes in detail, highlighting the tax … Read more

Basic Financial Aspects of Real Estate

Analysis and ongoing adaptation Periodic evaluation of the investment portfolio Finally, regularly evaluate your investment portfolio. The real estate market is constantly changing and what worked yesterday may not be the best strategy tomorrow. Stay informed about market trends and adjust your strategy as needed. Optimizing the profitability of your real estate investment requires a … Read more

Does it make sense to invest in real estate? | 8 Article | Guest

Investing in real estate is one of the most logical and safest investment paths for many people. In the long term, real estate investments offer remarkable benefits in terms of both economic stability and profitability. Especially in emerging markets like Turkey, real estate investment is a tangible asset that gains value over time and can … Read more

Rental confirmation: obligations to respect and model – Investirenmimmobilier

If you manage the tenancy of your properties yourself, you will quickly receive a request from your tenants for a tenancy confirmation. However, be careful: I recommend that you carefully inform yourself about the implications of this document and your actual responsibilities in this area. What is a rental confirmation? if you have they invested … Read more

Should you invest in a flexible apartment?

Invest in a flexible apartment enjoys growing interest in the real estate market. This particular configuration, characterized by a living space divided into several levels, offers unique advantages. Between the optimization of the space, the sometimes surprising brightness and the attractive rental potential, this type of apartment will attract investors. In this article, we will … Read more

A guide to investing in SCPI in 2024

SCPI at the peak of real estate investment in 2024 SCPI is emerging as the preferred choice for real estate investment. In the face of shrinking investment bank returns and growing uncertainty around pensions, rental property is positioning itself as the safe haven par excellence. But how to choose the best real estate investment? Here … Read more

Tiny House: is it really a profitable rental investment?

Tiny Houses have been growing in popularity in recent years as unusual accommodations. Their small dimensions and ecological appearance make them an attractive choice for minimalists and nature lovers. But what about their profitability as a rental investment? In this article, we will take a closer look at whether investing in a Tiny House can … Read more

10 keys to success for successfully completing a real estate investment

The more you master the 10 keys below, the more likely you are to achieve the investment goals you’ve set for yourself. Please note that these 10 keys are not listed in order of importance. You can handle many of them, but if you struggle with some, your investment project may not go as well … Read more