Should you invest in a flexible apartment?

Invest in a flexible apartment enjoys growing interest in the real estate market. This particular configuration, characterized by a living space divided into several levels, offers unique advantages.

Between the optimization of the space, the sometimes surprising brightness and the attractive rental potential, this type of apartment will attract investors. In this article, we will introduce you to the features, advantages and pitfalls of a flexible apartment.

What exactly is a flexible apartment?

It is a flexible apartment accommodation which is spread over two levels, one of which is located in the basement.

The lower floor is designed as a living space with rooms such as:

  • Than peace;
  • Bathroom;
  • Living room ;
  • Etc

The upper level often corresponds to the ground floor, which can be connected to the lower level by an internal staircase. The term flexiblex is contraction of “basement” and “duplex”.

A flexible apartment is specifically a type of accommodation that is characterized by a special layout. It is generally spread over several levels connecting the ground floor with the finished basement. This configuration generally offers a smart use of space with rooms located below street level, creating an atypical layout.

Advantages of flexible

Being flexible has many advantages, e.g.

  • It allows expand your living space, without having to move or build an extension. It is an interesting solution in areas where the price per square meter is high and where housing is scarce.
  • He offers natural sound insulation that reduces the noise load from the outside. This is nice if you live in a noisy city or near a busy road.
  • This is also beneficial natural thermal insulation, which makes it possible to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year. This can lead to savings on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
  • May be arranged according to his needs and wishesthe creation of specific rooms such as a bedroom, bathroom, living room, playroom, office, etc. This can increase the comfort and functionality of living.
  • can they represent a good investment in real estate, because it is often cheaper and more original than a classic apartment. It may appeal to buyers or renters looking for unusual and spacious accommodation.


Being flexible has potential disadvantages, namely:

  • can it lacks natural light because it is located underground. This can have a negative impact on passenger morale, comfort and health.
  • can suffer from moisture, infiltration or mold problems, because it is in contact with the ground. This can damage the structure of the home, harm air quality and promote the development of respiratory diseases.
  • can causing a feeling of confinement or claustrophobia, because it is isolated from the rest of the world. This can cause stress, anxiety or depression in some people.
  • It can be difficult to sell or rent because it is not considered traditional housing. You must therefore be aware that flexibix may have a property value lower than the market value.

What are the pitfalls of buying flexible?

When purchasing flexible equipment, you need to be aware of several pitfalls that can jeopardize the success of the project. The main pitfalls to avoid are:

Rules with the city

Before converting the basement into a living room, you must ensure the project complies with local health regulationswhich determines health conditions, ceiling height, humidity and hygiene.

It is also necessary obtain the necessary administrative permissionsas a preliminary statement depending on the surface and nature it works. It is also often necessary call a architect oversee the project and ensure compliance with standards (this is an additional cost)

Make sure all adjustments have been made to the flexible device in accordance with the building permits issued by the municipality.

Co-ownership rules

If flexible includes a grouping of private and common spaces, such as a basement and an apartment, this is necessary obtain the approval of the community of co-owners at the general meeting.

It is also necessary check that condominium regulations do not prohibit flexible developmentand that the grouping does not result in a change in the allocation of fees or charges.

In other words, understand how joint fee sharing works because they can be flexible at times subject to additional costs due to their specific configuration.

We have to finally do it enter the authorization in the co-ownership code and publish it in the real estate register.

What are the rules for flexiblex to be recognized as habitable space?

In order for flexiblex to be recognized as a habitable area, certain rules must be respected, in particular:

  • The surface of the basement must be at least 12 m² ;
  • The ceiling height must be at least 2.20 m ;
  • The main parts must have opening and transparent surfaces opening outwards;
  • Housing must meet health, humidity, hygiene and ventilation standards;
  • Accommodation is a must obtain the necessary administrative permissionssuch as a prior declaration or planning permission.

What part to make in flexible?

A flexible unit can be equipped according to your needs and wishes by creating specific rooms. Here are ideas for flexible rooms:

Room, room

‍Optimize privacy with flexible chamber. Use the basement position to create calm and relaxing space, ideal for the bedroom. However, care must be taken to ensure good ventilation, good sound insulation and good decoration to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


Use the space to create a bathroom. Softies can offer an intimate atmosphere, ideal for a private bathroom.


The closed space offers privacy needed for training, while the basement configuration can help dampen the noise. However, it is necessary make sure the floor is sufficiently strong and insulated to support the weight and noise of sports equipment.

Living room

Create a comfortable living room in the basement. Use a specific arrangement for this create a warm atmosphere, ideal for relaxation spaces.


Use the space to create a functional kitchen. Flexible can offer a unique configuration for modern and well equipped kitchen.

Wine cellar

Use the natural freshness of to create a wine cellar in the basement. The optimal conditions of flexible equipment can be ideal for wine storage.

How to arrange flexible?

To organize your flexible, you need to take into account several aspects, such as:

  • Walls and floors;
  • Isolation;
  • Humidity;
  • Luminosity.

Here are tips for optimally setting up a flexible sofa.

Walls and floors

They have to be disinfected and waterproofed to avoid moisture, infiltration or mold problems. It is also necessary to ensure a sewage systemwhich may require earthworks or connection works.

It is necessary to cover walls and floors choose materials resistant to moistureas :

  • Tile;
  • Laminated floor;
  • Polished concrete;
  • Water repellent wallpaper.


This is the basic element for they guarantee thermal and acoustic comfort. It is necessary insulate the walls, floor and ceiling, use of suitable materials, e.g.

  • Glass wool;
  • Rock wool;
  • Polystyrene;
  • Polyurethane.

It is also necessary ensure that a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 m is observed, which can be reduced by insulation. Flexex insulation helps reduce heat loss in winter and maintain a pleasant temperature in summer.


It is one of the main enemies of flexible because it can damage the air quality, the health of the residents and the structure of the home. That’s why they have to combat humidity by ensuring effective and regular ventilation.

It is necessary provide openings such as windows, skylights or English courtyards, which restore air and remove moisture. It is also necessary install controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), which ensures constant air flow and prevents condensation.


This is another challenge of the Flexiblex system as it is located underground and does not benefit from natural light. That’s why they have to compensate for the lack of brightness by using artificial and indirect light sources.

It is necessary ensure sufficient and appropriate lighting in each room using:

  • Spotlights;
  • Lamps;
  • Wall lamps;
  • LED strips.

They have to too play with colors, materials, mirrors or plants, which create a warm atmosphere and reflect light.

In conclusion, investing in a flexible apartment can offer its own unique opportunities agreement atypical and its potential benefits. However, it is necessary to take into account problems with humidity, light and specific rules. Finally, choosing to invest in a flexible apartment it depends on the goals and preferences of each investor.

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