Investing in real estate in 2024: SCPI return vs. investment buildings

Real estate has established itself as the preferred investment of the French, especially as a safe harbor against inflation. It offers the opportunity to build assets and increase income thanks to the rents received. Savers often consider buying an investment in real estate, but current regulations greatly limit its profitability. so where invest in real … Read more

In 2024, the projects of large real estate developers: both apartment buildings and a military city

Some of the major development companies (NT) have revealed that they plan to invest approximately 246 million in residential and commercial projects in Lithuania in 2024. euros. Most of these investments will go into housing projects. In the next year, the developers intend to offer about 1.6 thousand of them. new houses, of which approx. … Read more

Property in Nantes: Are you investing in old buildings to renovate or in new ones?

Property investment in Nantes comes in two main forms: buying old properties to renovate and investing in new properties. Each of these options offers specific benefits, whether it’s charm and potential added value for the old, or comfort and energy efficiency for the new. This article examines these two routes in detail, highlighting the tax … Read more

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