Property in Nantes: Are you investing in old buildings to renovate or in new ones?

Property investment in Nantes comes in two main forms: buying old properties to renovate and investing in new properties. Each of these options offers specific benefits, whether it’s charm and potential added value for the old, or comfort and energy efficiency for the new. This article examines these two routes in detail, highlighting the tax aspects, costs and practical considerations to help investors make an informed choice.

Investing in Nantes: A dynamic real estate market

Property in Nantes represents a dynamic landscape and offers investors opportunities in both new and old properties. This city, characterized by its history and modernism, poses a fundamental question to investors: is it better to invest in old buildings to be renovated or in new ones?

The Old: The charm and potential of renovation

Advantages of old properties

Investing in old properties in Nantes has several advantages. The charm of the old, often sought after by tenants, is generally accompanied by a central and popular location. In addition, the purchase price of old properties is often lower than that of new properties, which offers greater affordability.

Tax cut and land deficit

Renovating an old property can lead to attractive tax benefits, particularly through the land deficit scheme. This system allows the cost of renovation work to be deducted from taxable income, which benefits investors.

Restrictions on renovation work

However, investing in an old property often involves renovation work. This work can be difficult and expensive and requires good project management. They represent a challenge that cannot be underestimated, both financially and in terms of time.

New: Comfort and compliance with current standards

The appeal of new housing

Investing in new properties in Nantes has the advantage of acquiring housing that meets the latest ecological and energy standards. The new homes also offer highly sought-after modern comforts with the latest amenities and finishes.

Pinel’s Law: A Motivational Device

The Pinel system is the main advantage when investing in new real estate. It allows a reduction in income tax in exchange for renting the property for a minimum period. This tax benefit makes investment in new rental properties particularly attractive.

Price, the determining factor

The purchase price for new properties is generally higher than for old properties. This gap can be bridged by energy savings and tax cuts, but remains an important element to consider when making an investment decision.

Testimonial from an investor from Nantes

“I decided to buy an old apartment in Nantes. After a complete renovation, the charm of the old combined with a modern touch quickly attracted tenants. The work was a challenge, but the tax benefits and high rental demand in the area made this a very profitable investment. » – Marc L., real estate investor.

Comparison: Old vs New

What to consider before investing

  • Location and rental demand : Location is a key factor when choosing between old and new.
  • Budget and financing : The initial cost and additional cost are significantly different for the old and the new.
  • Work management : In old buildings, managing renovation work can be complex and expensive.
  • Fiscal benefits : Tax measures such as Pinel in new buildings or land deficit in old buildings play a crucial role.
  • Long-term perspective : The potential added value and sustainability of the investment must be assessed.

Personalized choice according to investment goals

Investing in Nantes real estate, whether old or new, largely depends on each person’s goals, budget and investment strategy. It is important to carefully analyze the advantages and limitations of each option before making a decision. Support from professionals can also be invaluable when navigating this complex market.

“The charm of the old, often sought after by tenants, is generally accompanied by a central and popular location. » – Analysis of the real estate market in Nantes.

“The Pinel system in new properties in Nantes allows income tax to be reduced in exchange for renting the property. » – Guide to rental investment.

In short, whether we decide invest in old properties or the favor of the neweach option has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key lies in a thorough analysis of personal needs, the local market and available tax incentives.

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