Gemini, available in Spanish for companies and developers

Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms continue to emerge in world current, especially with appearance New Tools such as the case of Google’s Gemini, which is now available in Spanish for companies and developers.

According to data from Precedence Research, artificial intelligence is one of the technology areas with the largest economic projection in the short and medium term, so its market value could exceed the 300 billion dollar mark by 2025.

Several companies already know this data and therefore have invested millions of dollars in this section. Launching apps and tools to help with this technology.

Gemini is now available in Spanish for companies and developers

Recall that a week ago Google presented Gemini, its most advanced artificial intelligence model to date.

And this announcement caused a lot of buzz, but today they announced that through Google Cloud, Gemini Pro is available in “public preview” for developers and companies on Vertex AI.

“Due to Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, the new model will enable organizations to create new and differentiated agents with the ability to process information through text, code, images and video.

Developers will be able to use Gemini to create code in the free AI Studio tool and embed it into their applications. Also within the Google Cloud portfolio is the general availability of Image 2 for high-quality image acquisition and the integration of Gemini into Duet AI for Google Workspace and Duet AI for Developers, currently only available in English. Press Release.

They also explain that in the coming weeks and months, Google Cloud will be improving Gemini Pro on Vertex AI based on the feedback they receive, but they also emphasize that “currently, using Gemini Pro on Google Cloud is free with some limitations and will have competitive price.”

They also mention that this new tool includes a number of features such as: function calls, embedding, semantic search and knowledge contextualization, and chat functionality.

“It is available in 38 languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, and in more than 180 countries and territories around the world,” he said.

It is worth noting that Gemini Pro accepts text as input and generates text as output. “A Gemini Pro Vision endpoint was also created that accepts text and images as input and text as output for multimodal cases.”

“Gemini Pro will also soon join Vertex AI Search and Conversation to help quickly build beautiful, production-oriented apps. This will enable machine learning developers of all skill levels to use Gemini Pro to build engaging search and conversational AI agents in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Gemini Pro will soon be an option to power Vertex AI’s search summary and answer generation capabilities, improving the quality, accuracy and reasoning of search applications.

“Gemini Pro will also be available in preview as a base model for voice and chat conversational agents that will deliver dynamic user interactions that support advanced reasoning.”

Other new features announced are the Gemini Pro API in AI Studio, a free web-based tool for developers. AI Studio includes Gemini Pro so they can use the new model when creating code.

easier and faster way. “Just by signing up with a Google account, you’ll be able to take advantage of a free quota that allows you to make up to 60 requests per minute, 20 times more than other options.

Finally, by clicking Get Code, you can transfer what you’ve done to Vertex AI and continue to develop and refine your customization using Google Cloud capabilities. Developers can get started today at”

“Gemini is integrated into all Duet AI services. The general availability of Duet AI for developers and Duet AI in Security Operations also complements the list of Google Cloud announcements and Duet AI in Google Workspace, which has been generally available since August.

These and all Duet AI services will be integrated into Gemini starting in the coming weeks. These two options are the first that are generally available.

Additional solutions such as Duet AI on BigQuery, Looker, database products, Apigee and Colab Enterprise will be added to this list during the first months of next year,” they said in a statement.

And thus launching Gemini, combined with Google Cloud’s super-scalable AI infrastructure portfolio, Vertex AI and Duet AI, offers a comprehensive and powerful cloud for developers and customers.

With these innovations, Google Cloud is powering the next generation of AI agents in every industry, enabling organizations to successfully build, use and adopt generative AI to power their digital transformations.

It is worth noting that there are many tech companies that have experimented with this technology and have launched apps that make it easier for people to use it

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