Eternal life; These AI companies are hungry for success

Fantasies about immortality and long-term preservation of life are probably as old as humanity itself, but a new development in Robotics and advanced models Artificial Intelligence they bring these stories theoretically to reality at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence researchers are already developing AI models of the elderly that try to capture a glimpse of … Read more

These 7 companies have done share buybacks!

These 7 companies announced that they are buying back shares. Here are the details. On Friday, December 22, 2023, there was a remarkable financial activity in Borsa Istanbul. In total, seven companies decided to buy back their own shares. These moves reflect the companies’ confidence in their market values ​​and long-term strategies. Here are the … Read more

Fortuna ranked as one of the most respected financial advisory companies in 2023 – Company

One of the most important figures in economic management is the financial advisor, whose task is to provide professional advice in the area of ​​investments, savings and financial planning. This professional analyzes the economic situation of an individual or business to identify investment opportunities and minimize risks. In addition, his knowledge of markets, financial products … Read more

Gemini, available in Spanish for companies and developers

Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms continue to emerge in world current, especially with appearance New Tools such as the case of Google’s Gemini, which is now available in Spanish for companies and developers. According to data from Precedence Research, artificial intelligence is one of the technology areas with the largest economic projection in the short and … Read more

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