In 2024, the projects of large real estate developers: both apartment buildings and a military city

Some of the major development companies (NT) have revealed that they plan to invest approximately 246 million in residential and commercial projects in Lithuania in 2024. euros. Most of these investments will go into housing projects.

In the next year, the developers intend to offer about 1.6 thousand of them. new houses, of which approx. 1,000 are planned for “Merkos Statyba”.

Most of the projects planned by real estate developers will be implemented in Vilnius. However, representatives of some companies mention that important projects will also be developed. Beautiful, KlaipedaŠiauliai and Druskininkai.

According to “EikaCEO Dom Dargis, the company’s investments in 2024 will reach around 70 million euros. Although most of the projects will be implemented in Vilnius, the head of the company mentions in particular the military city under construction in Šiauliai.

“The largest part of the investment is planned in Vilnius, investments will also be made in Šiauliai, a military city built by the group. In 2024, only the aforementioned military city will be fully completed from the projects managed by the group “Other projects are either completed this year or have just started and next year they will not be completed,” commented D. Dargis Eltai.

“YIT LithuaniaPublic relations manager Akvilė Varanauskienė said that the company plans to invest around 25 million in housing projects in Vilnius and Kaunas in 2024. EUR and approximately 4 million are expected for commercial projects. euros. According to her, these projects will also be developed based on the idea that all necessary services, entertainment and leisure spaces must be available within 15 minutes.

“In Vilnius, we will continue the development of the “Naujasis Skansenas” project, we will launch the new “Virš šilų” project in Viršuliškės, and we are preparing work on a new plot of land in Basanavičiaus Street. In Kaunas, we will continue to develop the “Piliamiestis” and “Matau Kaunas” projects. In total, we plan to start building around 300 apartments,” commented A. Varanauskienė for Elta.

“All real estate projects of YIT Lietuva are developed according to the urban concept. (…) It is a city where the boundaries between work, entertainment and residential zones disappear and all these functions intertwine. In such a city, there is a well-developed mobility service and infrastructure, quality housing projects and privileged public spaces create the conditions for a more comfortable, interesting and healthy life,” she explained.

At that time, according to the head of “Merko statyba”, Saulius Putrim, decisions on specific investments will be made only after receiving certain construction permits and after evaluating the market situation. However, according to him, from now on, all planned investments will take place in Vilnius and more than 1000 apartments will be built during the construction of the multi-apartment project “Vilnelės Skverai”.

“We can mention the project “Vilnelės Skverai” that we developed in Markučiai, which a few days ago was awarded as the best project in the residential category during the “For Sustainable Development” elections organized by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association. In 2024, we will continue the construction of this project, more than 1,000 apartments will be built in the houses here,” said S. Putrimas.

He also added that projects are still underway by 2021. and which, upon completion, would be equipped with approximately 1.5 thousand

“We purchased land for development in various districts of Vilnius: Šnipiškės, Zirmunai, in a new city, in Markučiai. (…) These projects are in very different stages – in one place, for example in Markučiai, several blocks have already been built and new houses are being built, in other places the projects are still being prepared and it is difficult to estimate when the works will be built. will receive permission,” he noted.

Galio Group’s head of development and analysis, Robertas Župa, revealed that the company plans to invest around 40 million euros in real estate development next year. EUR, of which more than EUR 17.5 million will be allocated to the completion of projects currently under construction. According to him, most of the investments will go to projects in Vilnius, part of the funds will also go to the development of Klaipėda.

“We will start with three projects from the commercial segment: the second phase of the Stock-O commercial warehouses in Klaipėda, the commercial part of Remarco and the build to suit warehouse project in Vilnius. The launch of a new residential project in Vilnius is planned for the second half of 2024. By the end of 2024, we plan to complete the construction of a new commercial project and two residential projects currently under construction,” said R. Župa.

“We can mention the Remarco project, whose total area of ​​two phases will reach approximately 30 thousand square meters and the total amount of investment will be more than 80 million euros,” he added.

Galio Group also plans to complete the ReVingis four-apartment-office project, which will include 148 apartments.

According to Šarūnas Tarutis, head of investment and analysis at Citus, the company plans to invest approximately 47.2 million euros in 2024, the amount includes the value of the property to be purchased. According to him, the largest investment in real estate is around 36.8 million. Vilnius will have to pay around 4.8 million euros. – For Kaunas, the remaining amount – for Druskin.

“The ambitions for the next year are significant: we plan to start 5 new projects, 4 new stages of projects in development, as well as complete 2 projects (one of which is the last stage) and one stage of an ongoing project. . of development”, stated Š. Taruchis.

The representative of “Citus” singled out among the upcoming projects the multifunctional project “Mūnai”, which will be launched next year and which will be equipped with 2028 apartments after its completion in 477. He also mentioned that “Citus” continues projects in Vilnius, Kaunas and Druskininkai, which are exceptional in their size and ideas.

“In Vilnius, on Kareivius street, we will launch the project “Mūnai by Citus”, unique in its size in the Citus portfolio, we are planning a “boutique” business center with a unique concept in Žvēryna, and we will also continue the “Project Radio City by Citus”, one of the largest (of (in terms of real estate units) in Kaunas and Druskininkai, the “Nemunū by Citus” project is unique both in terms of concept and size,” he said. .

Julius Dovidonis, CEO of “Realco”, said that 59.4 million euros are planned for the development of real estate projects in Vilnius. Investments worth EUR 27,024, most of which will be spent on project implementation. The “Vileišio 66” complex, which will be completed in 3, will have 3 apartments and “Algirdo 96” will have 96 apartments.

“Next year we will complete the construction of two residential projects – a top project in Antakalni “Vileišio 27” and the prestigious “Algirdo 3” class project, in which we plan to invest 2024 million euros in 11.2. euros and we will also continue the construction of the Class A business center “Hero” in the city’s CBD, for which we have allocated 46.4 million euros for next year. Investment in EUR,” said J. Davidonis.

“We will continue to work on the new projects “Baltupis”, “Just-in” and Parodų g. 1, we plan to invest approximately 1.8 million euros in the preparatory work of the projects,” he added.

Zygymantas Silobritas (ELTA)

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