The energy sector among the preferred sectors for investment in Bulgaria in 2023

One of the most important changes that occurred in the Bulgarian economy after the global financial crisis of 2008 is that economic growth in the country began to be driven by export production. A large part of the investments in our country goes to such enterprises at the expense of those intended for domestic consumption. … Read more

Anis Gharbi: “The future of the real estate sector in Tunisia, innovation and growth prospects.” – Business magazine

Mubawab celebrates its 4th anniversary in the Tunisian market this year. Could you share some of the key achievements of Mubawab in Tunisia during this period? After 4 years in the Tunisian real estate market, Mubawab continues to strengthen its position as the leading real estate site in Tunisia, both for professionals and individuals. Our … Read more

Real estate is in crisis, but here are 5 good reasons to get into the sector

Not a day goes by without it being talked about housing crisis. We need to talk about it and identify its causes in order to treat it. It is up to professional actors and public officials to look at things squarely. Besides, what would be the point of hiding your face? Most French people understand … Read more

Fixing China’s Real Estate Sector – China Magazine

From Project Syndicate, Yu Yongding – In the two decades since China’s State Council officially classified the real estate sector as a “pillar industry”, the sector has seen rapid development, fueled GDP growth and inspired millions of Chinese to dream of owning their own home. But the sector is now beset by problems ranging from … Read more

How to fix China’s real estate sector

Previous warnings of a real estate crash in China were never confirmed; The real estate sector has always managed to get ahead. But unless the government takes concerted action to address developers’ deteriorating finances, things may be different this time. PEKING. In the two decades since China’s State Council classified real estate as a “pillar … Read more