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According to a French publication FigaroZaragoza is one of the cities with the best quality of life in Spain.

The Aragonese capital stands out as one of the best cities in Spain to live in, especially for retirees, but also for workers and students.

Zaragoza, to be a an ideal city for retirees, workers and studentsit’s for him tooreal estate investment. This means there is a high demand for residential rental properties for these groups, along with lower housing prices than in other capital cities the return on investment is higher.

Quality of life in Zaragoza

Among the 30 most populous Spanish cities, Zaragoza prevails in aspects such as security, housing costs, health, economy, climate, cultural life and education.

The article makes sense because there is a large movement of the French population into Spain: in 2022, more than 82,000 French people lived in Spain, an increase of 4% from the previous year.

Zaragoza stands out for its historical and cultural heritage, the ruins of great Roman monuments, its great Mudejar style works, the Pilar Basilica.

In addition to its history, Zaragoza is a nice place to liveand also affordable: the price per square meter of housing is the lowestor from the 30 analyzed cities about 1,800 EUR/m2, 200 less than the first in the ranking.

It is also one of the safest municipalities and best equipped with doctors and hospital beds among the cities in the study.

Since 2008, which coincides with the celebration of the exhibition EXPO Zaragoza, the city has become one of the most sustainable in Europefollows from the report of the European Commission.

According to its citizens, “Zaragoza is a very accessible city with many green areas and good weather and fresh air.«. (fountain: RTVE)

Zaragoza is very well connected to the rest of Spain thanks to the Delicias station, which is served by high-speed trains that will take you to Madrid or Barcelona in just an hour and a half.

In addition, the proximity of Jaca and the Pyrenees means that the journey by car to these mountainous and snowy regions is reduced.

Recommended city for pensioners, students and people of working age

The Aragonese capital has such an excellent position mainly because it is a lot Safer than other big cities like Barcelona. Moreover, it is a very pleasant place to live.

Among the 30 cities analysed, Zaragoza is the fourth city with the best results the quality of life of workers and studentsafter Granada, San Sebastián and Barcelona.

Real estate investment opportunities in Zaragoza

Due to the diversity of housing demanded by each group, a wide range of opportunities opens up in which to invest:

Here is apartments for sale that are already rentedso you can get income from the first moment without having to make reforms or improvements.

In other cases, they need a reformwhich increases its value and makes it easier to rent.

Or it just needs a coat of paint and appliances added so tenants can move in and the investor can start making it profitable.

In addition to residential options, real estate investment in Zaragoza can extend to

  • offices and business premisesand with a tenant who pays rent monthly, or
  • “sale and leaseback” of industrial warehouseswhere businesses are operating.

Zaragoza is one of the most profitable cities for this type of investment.

We have several properties in our portfolio that meet all the requirements so that you can realize your project with complete success.

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