“Schools should provide financial and business education”

Miguel Ramirez Valenzuela He is a marketing entrepreneur who has innovated with his team on the issue of working hours, and who from his trenches supports entrepreneurs who are trying to grow further with the management of brands on social networks. Unique in its nature in the village Guavasis determined to achieve compliance with the working proposals that are being discussed in Congress.

What was the decision to start a business?

I decided for the real reason that an entrepreneur has to put ideas into action and do it in the way you feel most identified with; that even though everyone sells you the idea of ​​doing what you’re passionate about, I feel like we all have a space at times where we do things regardless of whether you’re super motivated, but this was a decision to move my life forward. family; I worked in State Govt, but I had options to do more things in a different scenario. And if something moves me today to continue in this regard, it is precisely the work on consolidating processes, managing resources and people, a lot of planning.

Why do it in that corner?

It had a lot to do with the fact that I was somehow involved in artistic issues, in rock projectsand I’ve personally recorded music that’s something that I’m passionate about and I felt like it’s a process that I have to connect my business with who I am, what I believe in, and I feel like my business gives me an opportunity to rock out with all the formalities that it itself needs… It was hard because from one moment to the next it stopped being a hobby to something that now has responsibilities and families that depend on you.

Is there a marketer response to the importance of brand management on networks?

It is a very important topic. A few years ago, before the sale, we had to educate and explaining what we did and how we did it, including that we are learning in the process together with the client and now they know what we are all about and look for us, that was the big difference; This year was a boom and it’s just happening. Everything changed with pandemicwhich accelerated the digital cycles and that helped us a lot in that sense.

In a way, we help those who hire us a lot to have one extra branch, so to speak, online that brings interest to your product or service.

How difficult is it to comply with employer obligations?

It is very difficult, but mainly because you have to take on a role. In my project, I am moving from a creative studio in which everything worked empirically, because in the city we are in, there is no other company dedicated to the same thing and it was very difficult; but it has a lot to do with it financial and business education; I think we should talk about it in schools.

What do you think about the Congressional proposal to pay at least one monthly bonus to employees?

I find it very interesting, I want to strive for my business to have such an opportunity to give it. I feel like the people suggesting this don’t know what they are talking about. However, I find it very attractive because at the end of the day they are not just pieces on a chess board, they are people who have their families who need their time; For me, it is very important that they have time and motivation so that this is reflected in their work.

What do you think about reducing working hours?

We tried to be disruptive and innovative about this. After the pandemic, we worked remotely for eight months, leaving five and a half hours of physical work and establishing a routine in case an eventuality arose.

There are established roles such as on-call where we have weekly incidents that don’t happen too often, they’re controllable, it’s part of how we work; Moreover, we have to have this type of sequences because we have collaborators with different cultures such as millennials and centenarians in how they want to work and are considered because we are all there to unite the nexus of projection, organization and statistics.

This has to be taken into account and this was very attractive for the employees. Many employees like that they rarely come. We work here from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays we work remotely as such on call, but we bring the proposal to come to work three days a week, that there are still people in the office, but they rotate us. The way of working would have to change, perhaps in advance.

What advice do you give to those who want to start a business or those who are afraid of change?

Let them learn to decipher fear, that something better always comes after it and that it is right there when a step needs to be taken; He has to break away a little from the idea of ​​what happened before, but consider the time and find what is the need that can be covered, what I am good at and where we can contribute, outside of the existing business trends. .

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