Bodosaki Foundation: Inauguration of Scholarship Programs for 52nd Year

The application period for the triptych Programs for master’s and doctoral studies, for postdoctoral research and for visiting researchers has begun.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, biomedical technology and life science informatics, quantum engineering and energy technology, regenerative medicine and other cutting-edge scientific disciplines coexist with more than 20 other field options at her new Bodosaki Foundation.

Applications for the fellowship programs begin today and cover the need for scientific expertise at three different stages, master’s or doctoral studies, postdoctoral research, and studying current research trends internationally through the visiting research scientist program.

Scholarships donated by individuals who are inspired by the vision of the foundation and the dreams of young people and support their realization are newly added to the foundation’s scholarships. As many as three of the scholarships that will be awarded this year for postgraduate studies in the field of Medicine-Biomedicine are “Elizavet Fotiou Fotiinelli – Ioanna Dimitriou Kritikou scholarships”.

The 52nd scholarship program for postgraduate and doctoral studies with a submission deadline of February 15, 2024, which is intended for graduates or final year students of all faculties and departments of the AEI university sector, covers about 60 scholarships for study in Greece and abroad in 17 different scientific fields:

1. Management of businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations

2. Machine learning and applications, artificial intelligence, robotics

3. Data analysis – Data Science

4. Digital technology

5. Nanoscience and nanotechnology

6. Science of materials, production and management of energy sources

7. Environmental sciences

8. Agriculture

9. Biology

10. Targeted drug development

11. Biomedical technology and biomedical informatics

12. Regenerative medicine

13. Molecular medicine – Cell therapy and bioinnovation

14. Assessment and management of occupational, environmental and pharmaceutical risks

15. Bioclimatic design in architecture

16. Protection of monuments

17. Anti-seismic technology, geotechnical seismic engineering

The same scientific areas are also covered Scholarship program for visiting research scientists, through which the Bodosaki Foundation supports researchers or active researchers here in their efforts to study international research trends and scientific methodology by visiting university institutions or research centers abroad. The program is for short-term scholarships of up to 6 months, covers accommodation and travel expenses, and the application period ends on 29 March 2024.

Bodosaki Foundation Scholars in the ’23-’24 academic year: (left to right) Eris, Lefkothea, Evangelia, Constantis, Fotini, Christos, Panagiotis, Nikolaos and Nikos.


Postdoctoral research scholarship program in memory of “Stamatis G. Mantzavinou”, which since 2008 has awarded PhD scholarship holders four scholarships for research in Greece or abroad, includes even greater specialization in scientific fields:

1. Energy technology

2. Environment

3. Materials – nanotechnology

4. Quantum mechanics – Optoelectronics

5. Digital technology, data science, robotics, engineering

Learning and applications, artificial intelligence

6. Biotechnology – rural development

7. Immunobiology

8. Regenerative medicine

9. Genetics

10. Genomic calculations

11. Carcinogenesis

12. Neurosciences

13. Pharmacology

The postdoctoral research application period closes on March 15, 2024.

“We believe in young people and we believe in their dreams!” says Mrs. Athina Desypri, president of the Bodosaki Foundation. “That’s why we’ve been by their side for 52 years, supporting their ambitions and passion for development. By constantly updating the scientific fields that we include in our programs, we want to support the expansion of scientific knowledge and the development of the scientific community.”

Announcement of scholarship programs, acad. year 2024-2025, are available on the Bodosaki Foundation website along with complete supporting material.

For more information:

Bodosaki Foundation Communication and Development Department

Chara Tasoglou, Director of Communications and Development,

By email: (email protected)T: 210 6820970, M: 6936152007

Marilena Makri, Community Building Officer,

By email: (email protected)T: 210 7225823, M: 6942554459

About the Bodosaki Foundation

The Bodosakis Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1972 to continue the contribution of its founder, Prodromos Bodosakis – Athanasiadis, to Greek society. His vision is a society of equal opportunities, with potential and perspective for all.

In order to achieve its vision, the Bodosaki Foundation funds, plans and implements actions and programs related to its four strategic pillars with transparency, accountability and credibility: promoting education, improving health, protecting the environment and strengthening civil society. Since its inception, it has allocated more than 450 million euros to achieve its goals.

Today, the Bodosaki Foundation also acts as a catalyst for the creation of a framework for a wider offer in Greek society, managing the resources of third parties – donors, international organizations, companies and other large donors – who want to fund programs. significant societal impact on the critical needs of education, health, environmental protection and strengthening civil society.

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