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The Mexican Real Estate Fiber Association (AMEFIBRA), will end this year with new properties compared to the previous year and also start 2024 with a new president, the institution announced in a statement.

A total of 16 FIBERs that make up AMEMIFBER They managed to add 58 new properties at the end of Simón Galante’s term (2022 – 2023); Likewise, gross leasable area increased by 1.7 million square meters and net operating income increased by 1.2 billion Mexican pesos, while the value of total assets increased by 59.5 billion pesos.

Some of the industries that benefited this year were industrial sector with an increase of 4.2 million square meters, commercial with 450,000 m2, mini warehouses and others with 200,000 m2, while the hotel sector managed to increase the supply of rooms by 200.

“At AMEFIBRA, we will continue to work with great passion and commitment and focus the association’s activities on transcendental and optimistic goals. We believe that FIBERS “They are a great tool that offers liquidity to the real estate sector and contributes to the economic growth of our country,” he emphasized. Josefina Moisés, CEO of AMEFIBRA.

Salvador Daniel takes over as president

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Fibers (AMEFIBRA) assumed the presidency of the organization with effect from January 1, 2024; The association highlighted and thanked the work done during the presidency of Simón Galante, corresponding to the 2022-2023 period, and highlighted the importance of real estate FIBRAs in the country.

During the reign of Simón Galante, two editions of this event were held Fiber Daybased for the first time in New York, events where it was possible to mediate the relevance of the real estate sector in the country and institutionalized investment through real estate FIBRAs.

Two online events were also held, in which the topics of environmental, social and corporate governance were discussed in depth with the participation of experts in highly impressive exhibitions with the aim of promoting awareness not only in relation to property but for society in general.

“During these 2 years of work, we have continued the projects of the Sustainability and Best Practices, Human Resources and Regulatory Affairs Committees to achieve important goals such as advancing the unification of financial metrics, the second and third editions of the report ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) 2021 and 2022, in which the commitment and active participation of all FIBRA affiliates stood out,” emphasized Simón Galante.

“Also, a permanent social action project was established, from which important social cooperation for the benefit of the environment and society derives, together with the support of women in vulnerable situations; as well as FIBRA’s collaboration on temporary shelters for those affected by the recent Hurricane Otis emergency,” said outgoing AMEFIBRA President.

Simón Galante, General Manager of the Fibra Hotel, will continue to actively collaborate in the Association’s Board of Directors, as did his 2 predecessors: Gonzalo Robina, General Manager Fiber ONE and Luis Gutiérrez, President of Fibra Prologis.

Together with 2 independent directors: Engineer Eduard Osuna, the company’s CEO BBVA and teacher Mikel Arriola, president of Liga Mx, who will continue to manage the association’s activities, hand in hand with architect Salvador Daniel Kabbaz, general director of Fibra Danhos and president of the association from January 2024.

Notice of new appointment Salvador Daniel at the head of AMEFIBRA was previously approved by the management committee of the association; The new leader is also the CEO of Fibra Danhos and has more than 30 years of experience in real estate, including the design, development and management of world-class mixed-use projects. Before connecting Danhos Group In 1993, Salvador Daniel realized various architectural projects in Mexico City.

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