Towards an increase in global real estate investment in 2024

International analysts of real estate consulting claim this The Savillesglobal investment in real estate is expected to increase in 2024. Approximately 57% of them expect a slight to strong increase in investment activities in the next year, with this figure even reaching 70% of respondents for multifamily and 66% for activities and logistics.

The council forecasts a peak in investment activity in Q3 2024, with the recovery driven by a number of key markets, including the US and the UK.

Savills is particularly bullish on global residential markets, particularly the multi-family sector, where demand is outstripping supply in many regions, and the logistics sector, supported by strong fundamentals.

“About 90% of our global analysts expect rents to increase in the multifamily sector, and 81% expect it in the residential market as a whole. In the logistics sector, 92% of our analysts expect rents to increase or stabilize on the back of resilient consumer demand and post-Covid-19 expansion of industrial facilities,” says Savills.

“A significant recovery is expected”

When it comes to the office and retail sector, most Savills analysts expect rents to remain stable or to increase in prime properties, whether it’s prestigious offices in city centers (73% of analysts predict rent increases in this market) or quality businesses benefiting from high national or tourist traffic (81% of respondents).

In addition, 70% of the analysts surveyed expect “rents to remain stable or decrease over the next year in the secondary office market, where any rent increases are likely to depend on renovations of these assets. »

“2024 is set to be a much better year for property investors worldwide, with a significant recovery expected on the back of improving yields, rising rents and price appreciation starting to better match the expectations of buyers and sellers in markets where this is the case. this is not the case yet,” he suggests Eri Mitsostergiau, Director at Savills World Research.

“Our analysts forecast broadly similar performance trajectories between the major markets within each sector, although secondary assets are likely to see more significant differences depending on their regional location. While these factors are not present in all regions of the world where they exist, our analysts also highlighted that strong demand and limited supply underpins significant investment potential in smaller, less liquid sectors such as data centers, life sciences and education. »

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