Energy renovation work: save money with these devices

Rarely have investors had access to so much support for energy renovation. MaPrimeRenov’, energy saving certificates, VAT 5.5%, eco-loan with zero rate, etc. The amount of certain support, such as MaPrimeRenov”, however, depends on the level of income of the applicants. Very frugal households (blue MaPrimeRenov) thus have out-of-pocket costs that can drop above 10% … Read more

Recognition of the work of social entities against energy poverty

The lack of access to affordable and renewable energy sources is a challenge that affects millions of people around the world. In this panorama Social entities that fight against energy poverty are key while guaranteeing basic rights for the most vulnerable population. These organizations play a vital role in tackling this problem on multiple fronts. … Read more

Explore investment options: Let your money work for you

Smart investing is an essential part of any effective savings plan. Saving is important, but investing money can greatly accelerate your financial growth. Here’s a closer look at the investment options you should consider: 1. Shares: To participate in the ownership of companies Shares represent a share in the ownership of a company. By purchasing … Read more