This is the magnificent mansion that Messi bought to live in Miami

Leo Messi lives in Miami few months with family. Despite He already owned luxury houses There he took a major step by acquiring an impressive mansion that became his family’s new home. Located in the exclusive Fort Lauderdale area, the property has garnered public and media attention for its luxurious features and world-class amenities. A … Read more

United States of America: what taxes are charged in Miami?

After Spain, the United States is one of the countries that receives the largest number of Argentine immigrants. AND Florida is the most voted state. According to official data, 69,000 Argentines have already established their residence in the “sunny state” in Miami. Settling in another country is a real challenge. Having a work contract or … Read more

Why are Chileans investing in Florida (Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale…?

According to the latest Census Bureau data on the American community in Miami-Dade County, it was revealed that 69.1% of its population is of Hispanic origin. This phenomenon raises a number of questions about the appeal that the state of Florida has among Latin Americans. For many, quality of life is the trigger, with Florida … Read more

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