This is the magnificent mansion that Messi bought to live in Miami

Leo Messi lives in Miami few months with family. Despite He already owned luxury houses There he took a major step by acquiring an impressive mansion that became his family’s new home. Located in the exclusive Fort Lauderdale area, the property has garnered public and media attention for its luxurious features and world-class amenities.

A castle that cost him a fortune 8.4 million dollars, is an architectural masterpiece that combines elegance and modernity. The ten-bedroom, nine-bathroom residence offers generous space for the Messi family to enjoy the privacy and comfort of their new home. From the outside, Messi’s residence appears as an architectural jewel with clean and modern lines that attract the eyes of those who see it. The property is surrounded by lush gardens and carefully designed landscaping, creating a peaceful and quiet environment that contrasts with the hectic city life of Miami.

Upon entering the castle, a spacious interior full of natural light is revealed. Large windows make it possible sunlight floods the spaces, creates a feeling of warmth and spaciousness. The layout of the rooms has been carefully planned to guarantee comfort and functionality and create a pleasant environment for the Messi family.

The house offers an impressive list of luxury items that reflect the lifestyle of the global star. From a sparkling pool to a fully equipped home theater, Messi has invested in providing his family with an environment that combines luxury with entertainment. In addition, the property has a a private gym, spa and even its own boat dock.

A very exclusive area

Chosen of Fort Lauderdale as a place for Messi’s new residence is no coincidence. This exclusive area offers not only privacy and security, but also access to the best beaches, restaurants and entertainment that Miami has to offer. The mansion thus becomes a luxurious retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing the Messi family to enjoy peace without giving up sophistication.

Messi’s presence in this exclusive area not only generated interest in the field of entertainment and sports, but also had a positive impact on the local community. Investments in real estate of this type contribute to the economic development of the region, create employment and increase the value of the surrounding properties, since, according to several testimonies, the price of houses has increased significantly since the Argentinian and his family settled there.

In short, Leo Messi’s new home in Miami is not just a residence; It is a symbol of success, luxury and a new chapter in the life of a footballer and his family. From the stunning architectural design to the world-class amenities, the property is a testament to Messi’s commitment to providing his family with the best possible lifestyle.

More properties in Miami

Messi owns multiple properties in Miami. An example of this is the magnificent apartment he bought over three years ago in Miami, for which he paid about 5 million euros and which he has now put up for sale for 7 kilos. This is an impressive duplex penthouse in a prestigious neighborhood Porsche Design Tower, which is a lot for Messi if he can sell him for around the amount he started asking. This luxury duplex, which is the only one in the tower, has almost 300 square meters spread over two floors, four bedrooms (plus another for service), five bathrooms and impressive sea views.

But the most impressive thing is, without a doubt, that you can drive your own car to the door of your house and park it in a kind of garage. interior thanks to the new car lift. In addition, the house has top finishes, a swimming pool on the balcony, an open-air kitchen… A dream property that is now within reach of anyone who has seven million euros to invest, that is. a few people.

In April last year, the former Barcelona player bought a spectacular second home in the port city in south-east Florida. Messi and his family bought an apartment with a size of more than 511 square meters and the terrace itself is 195 square meters, which gives an idea of ​​the fantastic property that cost 8 million dollars. Buyer It was Celromalina LLCa company that, according to other local media, is linked to the Argentinian player’s family and it is his father, Jorge Messi, who usually pushes these matters forward, who made the move after his time in MLS. PSG.

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