SCPI: non-management real estate investment

Understand the concept of SCPI, Simplified Collective Investment in Real Estate

Also known as “rock paper”. SCPI is a form of collective investment in real estate. Within the framework of the Real Estate Investment Company, investors have the opportunity to place themselves in shares of various properties (residential, business, office) without having to worry about their management. Specifically, SCPI consists of partners, each holding a defined number of shares, thereby collectively contributing to a diversified real estate complex.

  • SCPIs come in several categories, each meeting different investment objectives:

  • Revenue SCPI: focus on buildings for commercial use, aiming for profitability that is often higher than residential real estate, with a focus on generating regular income;

  • Capitalization SCPIs: they aim to increase capital in the long term and offer the prospect of capital gains on resale of shares;

  • Tax SCPI: residential property investments allow you to benefit from tax-free regimes such as the Pinel or Malraux laws, with tax reductions effective from the year of subscription.

These different categories are aimed at different investor profiles, offer real estate investment pooling and, in certain cases, more attractive profitability than direct real estate. The appeal of investing in SCPI also lies in its easy access to leverage such as credit or distribution.

SCPI’s Great Power? In short: they eliminate traditional driving restrictions. You no longer have to worry about finding tenants, drawing up rental contracts or managing vacant rental periods. SCPI takes care of everything, offering a real estate investment experience combining peace of mind and efficiency!

Investing in SCPI: what are the benefits?

Risk pooling, management delegated to professionals, asset diversification… the benefits of investing in SCPI are many, a real boon for those who want to venture into real estate with total peace of mind. Let’s explore all this in a little more detail:

Pooling of risks

What better way to pool risk than by diversifying your real estate portfolio? This is exactly what SCPI offers, a choice solution to protect yourself from the vagaries of the market by investing your money in different properties.


SCPI opens the door to real estate for you, regardless of your budget. In fact, this system allows you to tailor your investment to your portfolio with limited capital expenditure and even combine it with your life insurance.

Management delegated to professionals

Investing in SCPI also means entrusting the management of your investment to professionals approved by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF). No more worries about day-to-day management, SCPI will take care of everything: from finding the “right” tenant to managing development/decoration works.

Creating additional income

SCPIs are also a smart way to build additional income, especially if you choose to buy on credit: your rental income pays off your loan and, as a bonus, is a source of regular income for your retirement.

Diversification and enhancement of heritage

SCPIs give you access to commodities that, due to their prestige or nature, are often unavailable on a single stock market. All without notary fees!

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