The City Opens Its Doors Again Tomorrow – Onassis Foundation Scholarship Announcement

From 1978 until today, the Onassis Foundation has systematically worked to release forces abroad through a scholarship program focusing on the sciences of the future. THE The city of tomorrow it reopens its doors and invites new people with innovative ideas and clear minds to inhabit it. The applications in its scholarship program The Onassis Foundation for the 2024-25 academic year they started

Stelios discovers new drugs with the help of artificial intelligence. Christina studies the use of nanoparticles to treat cancer. Irini opens new paths in environmental politics. Dimitris is looking for new equations in theoretical physics. Christina lays the foundations of digital ethics. Melina highlights the work of KP Cavafy in France. Kateřina builds new communication bridges in digital media. Together with 7,660 other residents, they lead the way with their knowledge, talent and ideas that make our society better.

Applicants are requested to carefully read the text of the Scholarship Notice, which describes the scholarship conditions, fields and levels of study. Applications and required supporting documents are submitted exclusively and only electronically. Applicants who wish to apply must create a personal account in the Onassis Directory via the link below and successfully complete the initial application stage to complete the application and upload the required supporting documents to the application deadline and supporting documents. An electronic application can only be successfully submitted if it is accompanied by the corresponding required supporting documents.

Deadline for submitting applications and documents: February 29, 2024.

For more information about the scholarship announcement, related terms and conditions and supporting documents, please see the announcement, FAQs and Scholarship Regulations or contact the Scholarships Department by email at (email protected) or on (+30) 2103713053, -054, -055, -056, -057.

Scholarship Announcement 2024–25 (Terms and Conditions)

Online application to study abroad

Online application to study in Greece



Meet some of the thousands of residents who have lived in the City of Tomorrow over the past decade:

Ioannis Katsantonis – Scholar 2021

He was awarded the 2023 Rising Star Doctoral Student Award by the Department of Education at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on exploring the human factor in academic success and discovering the underlying mechanisms through which students can actively contribute to their own academic success and empower themselves in their learning.

Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos – Scholar 2019

Thanks to his research and contribution to highlighting the importance of technology parks in Greece and abroad, he is included in the Greek Forbes “30 under 30” list for 2023. He was awarded the British Council Study UK Alumni Award 2022 in the Business and Innovation category. He has also received a Research Excellence Award from the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow for two consecutive years for his research on technology parks, SME internationalisation, international entrepreneurship and international business strategy.

Leonidas Romanos Davranoglou – Scholar 2016

He is part of a team of Oxford University scientists who, during a research trip to the jungles of Papua in November 2023, discovered that a rare mammal called Attenborough’s Echidna had not disappeared.

Maria Roussou – Scholar 2018

In 2023, she was awarded by the National Botanical Society of France for her thesis in the field of archaeobotany on the topic “Evolution of the ancient environment and the use of plant resources in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of Cyprus”.

Eugenia Arseni – Scholar 2004

Awarded the British Council Study UK Alumni Award 2023 in the Culture and Creativity category.

Vasilios Dimakopoulos – Scholar 2021

He is included in the Greek Forbes “30 under 30” list for 2022. The startup Aisthesis Medical, in which he is co-founder and co-director, collects biomarkers and clinical information to provide a personalized plan to determine surgical intervention. complication.

Vasilios Koutsoubas – Scholar 2022

He is included in the Greek Forbes “30 under 30” list for 2022. He is the co-founder of the non-profit organization WeFor, which deals with the biggest challenges of Generation Z.

Sozita Guduna – Scholar 2002

Awarded the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Award 2022 in the Culture and Creativity category.

Manolis Efthymiou – Scholar 2021

He is a member of the AMZ Driverless team of the ETH University of Zurich, which was declared first in the internationally recognized Formula Student Germany competition, in the Engineering Design category.

Araseli Laimou – Scholar 2010

Araceli Laimou’s first feature film premiered at the 74th Locarno Film Festival, where it received a Special Mention and was awarded in the Best First Feature Film category.

Sotiris Petridis – Scholar 2015

The film “Re-Live”, which he made together with Tania Nanavrakis, was awarded as the best science fiction film at the Comic-Con 2022 International Independent Film Festival in San Diego.

Alexandros Mezari – Scholar 2016

He was awarded the Humboldt Prize 2022 by the Humboldt University of Berlin for the best doctoral thesis of the year on the topic of criminal liability of board members with supervisory powers in a public company.

Ethalia Angelopoulou – Scholar 2015

As a member of the research team of neurology professor Mr. Sokratis Papageorgiou, he won the first prize in the sector of health and social affairs in the Applied Idea of ​​Digital Government Awards 2022 category of the Ministry of Digital Government.

2024-25 Onassis Foundation Scholarships Announcement – ​​The City of Tomorrow

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