Doing business with Hoquet Business: buying or renting a commercial property?

Business hiccups offers an in-depth reflection on the crucial choice between renting and buying real estate. This decision, which is in the center of interest of entrepreneurs, requires a careful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


An idea, a project? Stop waiting for opportunities. Outrun them. With Hoquet Business, a franchise network specializing in commercial and corporate real estate transactions.

HOQUET BUSINESS is a specialized division of the GUY HOQUET real estate network, dedicated to transactions of local shops and corporate real estate, supporting sellers and buyers of shops and corporate real estate.

Regardinginvestment in commercial real estate, Hoquet Business emphasizes the importance of the initial criteria when deciding between renting and buying a commercial property. The purchase, while a significant investment, offers long-term flexibility that allows the brand to adapt its offering over time, expand as needed and personalize its space. On the other hand, leasing may be better for younger companies. It offers increased flexibility in case of movement or change of activity. The nature of the industry also plays a crucial role, requiring in-depth market analysis.

What are the benefits of buying commercial real estate?

By offering companies great flexibility, they can adapt their business offer over time, expand if necessary and personalize their space according to needs. In the case of profitability, the value of the property can increase and generate a capital gain when it is resold. The network highlights the tax benefits associated with acquisition, with costs such as property tax, interest on the loan and maintenance costs deductible from the profits of the brand subject to corporate income tax.

What are the benefits of renting a commercial property?

Hoquet Business emphasizes this option, which allows you to start without a massive initial investment, which is especially beneficial for companies in the growth phase or recently established. As a tenant, the contractor takes on fewer responsibilities, while the landlord is generally responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the premises. Leasing also offers increased flexibility, allowing you to terminate the contract without penalty important in case of change of activity or for other reasons.

Buying in a real estate company (SCI): a strategic option

Hoquet Business invites entrepreneurs to consider purchasing Real estate company (SCI) as a strategic option. This approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of ownership while limiting financial risks.

It must be emphasized that the creation of an SCI offers the possibility of dividing ownership between different collaborators, whether they are legal or natural persons, since this type of company requires at least two partners. From this point of view, in the event of difficulties or disputes with one of the partners, the others are not obliged to repay their debts, which ensures protection against financial risks. Another advantage lies in the simplicity with which a SCI can be dissolved if necessary.

Another significant advantage of the company’s profit is the deductibility of costs associated with the acquisition of business assets, such as loan interest, property tax and maintenance costs. However, Hoquet Business emphasizes the urgent need for careful planning, with special attention paid to the integration of all costs associated with the purchase in SCI, an in-depth understanding of applicable taxation, the definition of clear goals and the financial stability of partners.

Hoquet Business redefines real estate strategy for entrepreneurs by offering an in-depth analysis of buy-to-let options. With his expertise in local retail transactions and corporate real estate franchise guides entrepreneurs to make informed decisions in the field of real estate, thereby significantly contributing to the success of their investment projects in the field of commercial real estate.

If you want become a Hoquet Business franchiseego to their customized file and request free documentation.

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