Real estate: Foreign investments of 1.64 billion euros in 2023 – Economic post –

The interest of foreign investors in the Greek market is great property. In recent years, a large percentage of foreign buyers have chosen to purchase residential property here either due to changes in the Golden Visa program or for permanent residence after retirement. Investments by foreigners in the real estate market are not only related … Read more

Portugal: AirBnb and Golden Visa in the limelight again – Economic postman –

With a list of all homes actively available for short term rental combined with the end of incentives for the granting of a golden visa Portugal’s government is struggling to find a way to deal with high housing costs, which have pushed a large part of the domestic population out of the market. Among other … Read more

Superfund: New CEO and non-executive board members. to ETAD – Economic Post –

New CEO of Public Real Estate Company (EDTA) and two new board members were appointed by its board of directors Superfund. They are Mrs. Iro Hatzigeorgiou and Mrs. Maria Ioannidou and Mrs. Martha Kavvathas. Iro Hatzigeorgiou is an executive with rich domestic and international experience in key roles in the field of real estate investment … Read more

Bloomberg: Athens and Lisbon the hottest real estate markets – Economic postman –

With regard to it regarding to it, Portugal luring wealthy foreigners with investment incentives, the government is trying to stem a buying frenzy that has driven home prices sky high. Housing costs in Lisbon rose 5.8 percent in November to a record 5,426 euros ($5,963) per square meter, according to data from Idealista. This is … Read more