Investment opportunities: what is the platform that facilitates access to real estate with low amounts in pesos

Argentines can invest in real estate in Uruguay and the United States through Simplestate (Getty Images)

The digital transformation brought progress in various fields. The world of finance is no exception: recently it has been possible to see the emergence of elements such as wallets or virtual bank accounts that allow people to manage their money completely remotely.

One industry that has been boosted by technological advancement is the industry property. Today it is possible to invest in real estate in pesos from Argentina through companies such as simple stateand launch which offers the opportunity to participate in real estate development in international markets such as Uruguay or the United States.

The company offers various alternatives for those who want to diversify their portfolio through option 100% online, without having to buy the whole property: you can get income just by having a part of the unit. In addition to being guaranteed user securityits main difference is that it first takes care of acquiring properties and then publishes them on the platform.

Likewise, since it is a joint proposal, another great advantage is that interested parties do not have to contribute large sums of money to participate: simple state It gives a chance to start in this area through projects that can be accessed for as little as 15,000 pesos.

So it is not an alternative that only large investors can turn to. It means a gateway to the world of real estate for small and medium-sized savers who are not experts in the field and see in this platform an opportunity to get revenues in dollars.

“It doesn’t matter how much you want to invest or for how long; “Real estate is a solid offer for people to secure their financial future,” says entrepreneur Gonzalo Abalsamo, CEO and co-founder of the company. launch Argentina, which has representatives in different parts of the country.

In addition, the executive reveals that the company had exponential growth in 2023, which today is reflected in more than 100,000 users which platform owns and in those who chose to participate as angel investors because he sees her as wallet of property in Latin America.

“Customers choose a model that can be monthly. In this case, every month they have the opportunity to see their performance and opt out. It’s a concept we’re tailoring to Argentinians who want to invest and at the same time have the chance to leave whenever they want,” explains Abalsamo.

Users of this platform have various designs to choose from based on their needs. On the one hand, there is an option flex downloadwhich allows people to take capital and corresponding returns after 90 days.

On the other hand, there is also the option of choosing an alternative monthly rent be able to cover daily expenses as well as the product of final incomewhich is the most traditional and with the highest profitability, even if in a longer time horizon.

Those who want to start work with Simplestatethey only have access to Websiteenter the required amount, choose the investment alternative and choose the payment method, which can be a transfer or money in the Mercado Pago account.

To find out more details about the service and discover special promotions valid until the end of the year, you can do so. click here and request information online at any time.

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