Cyclo tea: Does it really help with the desire to have children and irregular menstruation?

Many positive properties are attributed to cyclic tea. But are we really doing something good for our body? And can cyclotea help with the desire to have children?

Cycle tea, cycle tea 1, cycle tea 2, nest cleaning tea or fertility tea – there are many terms for a hot drink said to have a positive effect on a woman’s hormonal balance. You can read here whether this is really true and what it all has to do with the unfulfilled desire to have children.

What is cycle tea?

Not all cycle teas are the same. Individual species differ in their herbal blends and are therefore adapted to different phases of the cycle in order to regulate hormonal balance. You can do it Make your own cyclo teabut also available as a ready-made tea mix Buy.

What is cyclo tea good for?

If you have irregular menstruation or Menstrual cramps If you are struggling, cycle tea can work wonders. Nest cleaning tea is used even if the desire to have children is not fulfilled. Even if it’s his The effect has not yet been scientifically proven, but many users talk about positive experiences. Cyclic tea contains herbs that are… hormone-like effect it is said. This allows natural hormone regulation. The only way to know if it really works for you is to try it for a few cycles. However, a hot drink can’t hurt – at least in moderation.

Which tea for fertility at which stage of the cycle?

In general, it can be said that a distinction is made between: Cycling tea 1 and Cycling tea 2. Both contain different herbs that can address specific issues in their respective phases of the cycle. There are also tea blends that you can consume throughout the cycle and those that serve as a detox tea at the beginning of the tea treatment. So, before you start drinking tea, you can familiarize yourself with your cycle. The the first half of the cycle it starts on the first day of your period. It ends on the day of ovulation. Here are suitable ovulation promoting herbs. To find out, you can do this Ovulation test for help or an ovulation calculator. Many women even notice a slight pull in the abdomen on the day of ovulation.

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The the second half of the cycle it starts the day after ovulation and ends on the first day of menstruation. Come in the second half of the cycle Herbs it is used to promote implantation.

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Which herbs are included in cyclo tea?


  • Nettle has detoxifying and diuretic effects on the blood. It is therefore suitable as a detoxification treatment.
  • sage-brush it also has detoxifying effects. In addition, it is said to relieve menstrual cramps and increase fertility.

The first half of the cycle

  • Real verbena contains flavonoids and phytoestrogens. They have estrogen-like properties and affect FSH levels. Follicle stimulating hormones are called FSH.
  • Cranesbill contains tannins that can exert estrogen-like effects.
  • sage-brush It stimulates the production of estrogen and thus ensures the formation of the endometrium.
  • rosemary It’s not just good for baked potatoes. Spices can act similarly to estrogen.
  • elderly contains phytohormones that promote ovulation.
  • basil We know it from Italian cuisine. Herbs also form a good tea cycle as they have a positive effect on libido and stimulate estrogen production.
  • Raspberry leaves they also contain phytohormones that promote ovulation. But they also promote implantation. Therefore, they can be used in the tea cycle 1 as well as the tea cycle 2.

Second half of the cycle: implantation support

  • Women’s coatregulates corpus luteum hormones (progesterone). This makes implantation easier. Lady’s mantle is also recommended for PMS and menopause. The tea is therefore suitable for all phases of the cycle.
  • Sheep gift it is intended to increase the production of progesterone and thereby facilitate implantation.
  • Monk pepper Many people know it in the form of tablets, because it is supposed to stabilize the cycle and alleviate menstrual problems. In addition, it stimulates the corpus luteum hormone progesterone and normalizes prolactin levels. Prolactin is a sex hormone. However, under stress, prolactin levels can rise and, in the worst case, prevent ovulation.

Which tea cycle is best?

It isn’t AND Cycle tea that puts all others to shame. Ready-made tea blends are too different for that. Here you can find at a glance various products that have particularly interested users.

To detox

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One is particularly good for detoxification Nettle tea. Birch and nettle leaves, as well as dried dandelion herb and milk thistle seeds ensure a feeling of well-being and optimal detoxification in the body. Loose tea is also free of flavors and additives.

For the first phase of the cycle

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This is well suited for the first phase of the cycle Miapanda tea. Contains rosemary, raspberry leaves, sage leaves, marjoram and elderflower. All ingredients are 100% organic and free of pesticides and fertilizers.

For the second cycle phase

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Miapanda also has one Tea for the second half of the cycle offer. Contrive, yarrow, lemon balm, lemon grass, nettle, lavender and rose petals are used here. As with cycle 1 tea, all ingredients are 100% organic and free of pesticides and fertilizers.

For the whole cycle

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The Baby dream tea mix from JoviTea is suitable for the entire menstrual cycle. It contains blackberry, rosemary leaves, yarrow, lemon grass, raspberry leaves and basil. In addition, the tea is free of artificial aromas or additives, flavor enhancers or dyes.

Should you make cyclo tea yourself or buy it?

There is now a large market for bicycle tea. A wide variety of offers are available in health food stores, organic markets, drugstores, supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Unfortunately, these are often ready mixes and tea bags that are anything but fresh. So watch out Organic quality. If you want to be on the safe side, you can Have cyclo tea mixed at the pharmacy. Alternatively, you can also buy ready-made organic herbs and make your own tea mixture.

How long should you drink tea from a cycle?

First, the most important thing: cycle tea is a purely plant-based product. It is a very low dose and it has little effect on hormonal balance. Nevertheless, a hot drink proves to be a good choice for many women. Fertility tea should be drunk regularly and in several cycles. However, in moderation. A cup every day is safe as long as you drink plenty of water at the same time. Why? Find out below.

Does cycle tea have side effects?

We think of many herbal medicines as harmless – but sometimes dangerous side effects can occur. In a research project, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) was able to measure high levels of pyrrolizide alkaloids (PA) in herbal tea. These are secondary plant substances that are produced by plants as protection against predators. Although scientists have only been able to find small amounts of PA in teas, so they don’t necessarily cause permanent damage to the body, large amounts can cause health problems – such as liver damage. Herbal teas and other teas should be used with caution, especially in children, pregnant women and nursing mothers and should always be consumed alternately with other beverages.

Can you drink cyclotea during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding you should Avoid cycling tea. You can continue instead Pregnancy tea transfer. It is always a good idea to ask your midwife for advice. He knows what is good for you and your baby.

Can cyclotea help with the desire to have children?

They exist There is no reliable scientific evidence as to whether cycle tea can support pregnancy. Still, the reports from many women are positive. We are talking about a regular cycle and reduced PMS symptoms.

Of course, fertility tea is still not final. If you’re desperate for a baby but just can’t get pregnant, we recommend seeing a gynecologist first. Here, possible causes can be identified and measures taken.

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