What investment facilitates the procedures for obtaining permanent residence in the United States

Nexo Residences opens its doors to those who want to invest and live in the United States (Nexo Residences)

Real estate market USAespecially that Miami, has historically been a popular destination for international investors. The scenario of changes that occurred after the pandemic and the arrival of international personalities such as Lionel Messi increased the interest of Argentines in this region.

According to data from MIAMI Association of Realtors and National Association of RealtorsFor the third year in a row, Argentina leads South Florida real estate purchases, accounting for 16% of all purchases.

In this context, Nexo residence appears to be a real estate project that excels both in terms of profitability through short-term rentals and approval for the EB-5 program, which allows you to obtain green card through investments.

Nexo Residences is a real estate project approved for the EB-5 program that allows investors to live in the United States

It should be noted that those interested in the real estate market Miami They are no longer only looking for the most traditional areas, but are now turning to emerging areas with great development potential and seeing the city as a place for long-term living.

“Now there are areas and products on the market that fit very well into the profile and buying pattern of Argentines. The areas of greatest interest are those undergoing transformation and innovative development, where real estate is more adapted to the new post-pandemic reality and the needs of today’s people,” explained Edgardo Defortuna, CEO of Fortune International. Group and developer of real estate project Nexo Residences.

By delving into the types of properties preferred by Argentines, Nexo Residences ensures that there is a strong inclination towards areas in the process of transformation, such as North Miami Beachwhere starting prices are around $400,000.

Nexo is a real estate project overlooking Biscayne Boulevard (Nexo Residences)

Furthermore, according to the real estate company, the search focuses on properties that, in addition to offering a lifestyle corresponding to the post-pandemic, high-quality amenities give the property a quick chance of appreciation.

On the other hand, the differential Nexus It is the flexibility in terms of residency regulations that makes it possible to generate income from short-term rentals, unlike other developments in the region.

In addition to the economic potential of the project, investing in South Florida offers access to immigration programs such as EB-5, which gives investors the opportunity to obtain permanent residency, as an additional benefit.

Nexo offers the possibility of short-term rental income (Nexo Residences)

According to an NGO USCIS The investor now has the opportunity to decide when he wants to start his life in the USA. In this way, you will have the opportunity to settle with your family – spouse and children under 21 – who, thanks to this program, will receive a work permit, identity card and travel confirmation while waiting for arrival green card. A little later they will have the opportunity to apply for citizenship.

Especially Nexus It is one of the few projects EB-5 which is in line with the new rules United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regarding the return on capital investment. So when a repayment period of more than seven years is usually expected, in Nexo an investor can get a refund in just two years.

So, Nexo residence is positioned in this context as one of the most attractive investments, driven Fortune International Group and Blue way. The support during the investment process and the benefits of the EB-5 program are two of the aspects that investors appreciate most about this project.

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