Sparkasse expands school savings bank services

Free lectures on financial education from January 2024

Ludwigshafen. Savings Banks continue their commitment to financial education and offer a wide range of educational materials and free lectures to schools and teachers. A publicly accessible educational platform provides proven financial education materials for teachers and is available 24/7.

Alexander Jusmann, head of marketing and communication at Sparkasse Vorderpfalz, emphasizes the importance of this commitment: “Sparkasse School Service provides more than 200 teaching materials, media for 30 lessons and 26 teaching topics. have a highly relevant topic at hand The Game of Behavioral Economics. The game is free and available at any time on the Sparkassen-SchulService platform and can be easily integrated into lessons – no registration required. In the game, young people must keep track of their spending while learning to “make financial decisions on a budget.”

New offer: school lectures

From January 2024, the offer of free school lectures will be significantly expanded. These lectures can be booked by schools for free and are aimed at secondary school students and cover four topics related to the everyday financial lives of young people. Schools can book up to four lectures per year for free. Topics include managing money and finances, payment transactions, safe online behavior and financial preparation for the future.

Exciting topics about handling money and finances

School lectures focus on the everyday financial life of young people and impart basic real-life skills. Schools can choose from the following four lecture topics for secondary level I and II. Lectures are 90 minutes long and can be booked as face-to-face or online lectures.

“Be Smart With Your Money”

Target group: Secondary school level I, grades 7 to 10, age approx. 12 to 16 years

Accomplishing big wishes on a small budget – how can you improve your own income? This lecture informs young people how to manage their money in a planned way and avoid debt traps.

“Account, card, money – all about payments”

Target group: Secondary school level I and II, grades 9 to 13, age approx. 14 to 18 years

The pocket account helps young people manage their money independently. But how do transfers and direct debits work? And what should you consider when paying online or by mobile? This lecture answers the most important questions about payment transactions.

“Finance on the Internet – My Digital Everyday Life”

Target group: Secondary school level I and II, grades 8 to 13, age approx. 13 to 18 years

As digital natives, young people use the internet as a matter of course. But what to watch out for when buying online? How can I protect my data? What should I do if I have been attacked? The lecture informs young people how to behave safely online.

“Financially prepared for the future”

Target group: high school graduates I. or II. degree, age approx. 15-18 years

In order to be financially secure on your own two feet, it is useful to have knowledge about insurance, savings contracts, superannuation, as well as loans and debts. This talk provides information on what is important when it comes to finance after school and training.

More information and booking options

Interested parties can find further information about school lectures and the possibility of booking on the overview page at the address The detailed program of lectures for the years 2024-2025 is below available.

About Sparkasse Vorderpfalz

As a public savings bank, Sparkasse Vorderpfalz’s business model differs from most credit institutions. Since its foundation more than 190 years ago, Sparkasse Vorderpfalz has supported its customers, the economy, culture and social institutions. It represents personal, individual and sustainable financial solutions. For Sparkasse Vorderpfalz, the satisfaction of its customers, the closeness of the advisor and open advice is both a benchmark and a driving force.

Socially committed: That’s what Sparkasse Vorderpfalz is all about

As a community and regionally anchored savings bank, part of its corporate identity is to support social and economic life in its business area. Much of the income generated flows back to clubs, schools, institutions and voluntary citizens in the form of donations and sponsorships, as well as through five independent foundations. In the past financial year alone, funds in the amount of 1,019,563.60 euros were received. It supported 816 social, cultural, community, scientific and sports projects in Ludwigshafen, Speyer and the Rhineland-Palatinate district. In addition, Sparkasse Vorderpfalz is a significant taxpayer, investor, trainer and employer.

By the way: Sparkasse Finance Group is the largest financial group in Europe

With a total business volume of 3,330 billion euros, savings banks together with their network partners form the largest provider of financial services in Europe. The Sparkasse financial group comprises 510 companies, of which 359 are savings banks with approximately 200,000 employees.

Text and image: Sparkasse Vorderpfalz

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