Samsung is shaping the future with innovative steps in artificial intelligence

Samsung is shaping the future with innovative steps in artificial intelligence: Developed by Samsung Electronics, Galaxy AI integrates advanced artificial intelligence features with a user-friendly interface, making Samsung devices an indispensable part of everyday life.

According to a statement from Samsung Electronics, it aims to provide unique and universal capabilities to mobile devices using artificial intelligence technology.

The Galaxy AI platform transcends communication boundaries, increasing ease of use and creative possibilities. The platform stands out as a product of embedded artificial intelligence systems in devices developed by Samsung and cloud-based artificial intelligence technologies resulting from open source collaborations with industry leaders.

AI Live Translate combines Samsung’s expertise in artificial intelligence and innovative technology to provide a platform that can provide instant and accurate translations between different languages. This feature allows users to easily communicate in different languages, both through voice and written communication. AI Live Translate offers a wide range of uses, from business meetings to everyday social interactions.

Samsung’s AI Live Translate feature excels in high accuracy and fast translation speed. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and constantly updated language databases, users can get near-perfect translations in many languages. The technology also recognizes different dialects and dialects, offering a more comprehensive communication experience.

AI Live Translate has a user-friendly interface and can be easily integrated into Samsung devices. This integration allows users to translate directly on their devices without the need for any third-party apps. This means a secure and hassle-free user experience.

AI Live Translate comes as part of Samsung’s ongoing innovation efforts in artificial intelligence. The company’s goal is to streamline the daily life of users and connect them using artificial intelligence technologies. AI Live Translate embodies this vision, redefining global communication and setting new standards in the world of technology.

Samsung Gauss: A revolutionary step in the field of artificial intelligence

Samsung’s new Gauss model is named after the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the architect of the normal distribution theory that forms the basis of the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Model; It includes components such as Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image. With this model, Samsung aims to simplify users’ daily operations by integrating the latest advances in language processing and data analysis into the use of mobile devices.

As an advanced language processing model, Samsung Gauss Language provides significant improvements to workflows. This system increases business efficiency by streamlining a number of processes, from email drafting to document summarization and content translation. It also takes the user experience to a new level by optimizing the control of smart devices.

Designed specifically for Samsung’s enterprise software development needs, Samsung Gauss Code and the coding assistant (code.i) integrated with the system offer developers fast and efficient coding. Samsung Gauss Code’s interactive user interface simplifies coding processes and enables easy creation of test cases and code explanations.

On the other hand, Samsung Gauss Image not only offers users the ability to create creative visual designs, but also can make style changes and additions without any problems. This model greatly improves the overall quality of visual content by upgrading low-resolution images to high quality.

With Galaxy AI, Samsung Electronics not only improves existing technologies, but also reveals a vision of how artificial intelligence will be shaped in the future. This platform is intended to make users’ daily lives easier, more efficient and richer. Samsung also prioritizes the ethical and safe use of artificial intelligence and advances its innovations in this area in a responsible manner.

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