Read about “vampire spending”: What is it and how to avoid it?

Sometimes, even though people try hard keep your finances healthythere are some expenses that are not easily identified, they are usually referred to as spending on ants, ghosts and vampires.

On this occasion we want to talk to you about vampire spendingwhat they are and what are the recommendations to avoid them.

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What are vampire expenses?

According to the financial education advisor from National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) from Morelos, Carlos Flores Hernández, Vampire expenses are those that we cannot identify because they are part of our habits.whether basic services such as electricity and water, subscription to streaminggyms and/or phone plans.

This vampiric expenditure, whose name alludes to the blood (in this case money) absorption characteristic of the character’s legend, It occurs when there is a water leak in your home, which is smaller but means a higher payment for your service in the long run. The same thing happens with electricity, because by leaving devices connected, energy consumption persists, increasing the cost of the service.

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“During these dates, leaving a Christmas tree, microwave or other appliances not in use at the moment plugged in is a vampire expense,” says Flores Hernández.

For subscription entertainment services, He explained that sometimes people usually don’t use the monthly payments to 100%he even assured that he had several streaming It is considered a vampire expense.

Advice on how to avoid overspending

In the case of basic services, i.e. recommends checking for any type of water or gas leak, while for electronic devices it is recommended to unplug those you are not usingturn off room lights and don’t leave devices on at night.

Ask about subscription make a list of what each server offers and compare themto find the one that offers you the most benefits.

If you do without any of these services, Make sure you cancel your credit card so you don’t get hit with surprise charges.

Achieve financial success

Counselor Condusef urged residents to save and support financial educationbecause the key to financial success in our pockets is knowing how much we earn and how much we can spend without it being a problem.

With information from Valeria Diaz

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