“Our algorithms carefully analyze over 100 variables per property”

Sophiq Properties, a company specializing in investment in prime homes, stands out in the sector with its avant-garde approach and model that integrates the services of buying, selling and transforming real estate. Her philosophy focuses on total adaptation to the client and creates modern, sustainable, practical, bright and spacious homes. It was founded in 2019 by three industrial engineers, Roberto García, Rogelio López and Guerson Meyer. The company has become a benchmark in the acquisition and personalized transformation of exclusive and unique homes that stand out for the sophistication and quality of their projects. The location of the houses that the company acquires is also an important factor.

Rogelio López, the company’s co-founder and CEO, explains his methodology.

– What is the way Sophiq Properties works from the moment they buy a house?

– After acquiring the property, we demolish the house to leave a blank canvas, which we accompany with the finished project. This is to give our clients a clear, transparent and visual idea of ​​the potential that the house has. From the moment we find a housing client, we work together to be able to materialize the ideal home, the home of their dreams, resulting in an ultra-personalized home where everything has been thought out and designed based on their preferences.

– What should the house be like?

– These variables include prestigious location, representativeness of the property and real estate, views, accessibility, orientation, ceiling height, layout, degree of protection of the property, socio-demographic data of the urban environment, mobility and connectivity of the territory. The Sophiq home excels in all these aspects and offers our clients a home that exceeds conventional expectations.

This commitment to quality is reflected in the use of premium materials, superior finishes, advanced technology, spacious spaces and exceptional amenities. In addition, our attention to detail is reflected in the exceptional architectural design, where exclusive materials are used and special attention is paid to every aspect of the environment to create an exceptionally sophisticated and welcoming environment.

– What reforms are being implemented in it?

– At Sophiq, our reforms go beyond the superficial; They are designed to encapsulate the essence and dreams of our clients. Our commitment to ultra-personalization includes delving into individual expectations, understanding desires and becoming active partners in the entire process of transforming your dream home.

The differentiation of our reforms lies not only in the application of advanced technologies, but also in the perfect integration between innovation and humanity. We realize that dreams, desires and personal needs are hidden behind every property. Despite the use of cutting-edge technology, we never lose sight of the fundamental premise: the human factor is at the heart of everything we do and the fundamental reason for our purpose.

Our renovations do not only focus on creating elegant and functional spaces, but also prioritize respect for nature. Through a balanced integration of technology and craftsmanship, we create homes where luxury translates into places you can truly be proud of.

The search for sophistication, elegance and authenticity drives the creation of truly unique and personalized spaces for each client. Our personalized transformation results in projects that include a wide range of materials and qualities along with layout alternatives, all designed to suit individual tastes and requirements. The result is the delivery of a “turnkey” house that reflects the unique vision of each client.

– What is the use of algorithms?

– The use of algorithms in Sophiq is a fundamental technological component that optimizes all stages of the process, from buying and selling to the transformation of the house. This advanced technology focuses on micro-data and reliable sources as opposed to big data, enabling more informed, accurate and reliable real estate valuation decisions. Our algorithms carefully analyze over 100 variables per property to ensure we source properties with maximum appreciation potential. This practice not only provides our clients with the assurance of solid and profitable investment opportunities, but also tailors each acquisition to each client’s individual needs and goals.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, personalization is extreme and transparency is guaranteed. We stand out by offering an unrivaled, agile and efficient experience in all processes of the prime residential sector.

Sophiq’s philosophy of “High Tech High Touch” involves the intelligent use of technology to maintain a high level of personalization and service quality. This approach translates into up to 10x greater efficiency for recruiters and advisors, enabling hyper-personalized purchasing decisions at scale.

We have the technological capacity to evaluate key variables to ensure we make the best purchasing decisions. These variables include thorough review of listings on real estate portals, access to off-market opportunities through our network of contacts, understanding of market trends through cadastral and registration data, use of microdata and primary sources for informed decisions, application intelligent models to detect the exact location of each property and dynamic real-time valuation to identify investment potential.

– Do you only work in Madrid?

– Currently, Sophiq specializes in the acquisition of exclusive properties located in the most privileged areas of Madrid and we are considering the possibility of expanding our operations outside this city starting in 2024. Cities such as Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona are currently in the evaluation phase for this geographical expansion. Importantly, any expansion will be in line with our sustainable commitment to maintaining excellence in the service and quality of the properties we offer.

– In what areas?

– In the district of Salamanca, we work in the districts of Recoletos, Castellana, Goya and Lista. In Chamberí we work in Almagro and Trafalgar and we also buy and sell properties mainly in the neighborhoods of Los Jerónimos, Justicia, Ibiza and Arguelles and El Viso.

– What is your typical client like? How do they capture them?

– Our strategy is based on a combination of proven methods, including direct referrals from satisfied clients, a prominent presence on high-impact digital channels, the activation of our extensive network of contacts in the luxury market and strategic cooperation with real estate agencies specialized in buying and selling Prime homes.

These channels represent strategic touchpoints that allow us to reach a diverse and engaged audience, guaranteeing a solid and attractive presence in the exclusive housing market. Our goal is to establish effective and lasting connections with high-quality potential clients and offer them a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs in the world of luxury real estate.

– At what prices do they move?

– The prices of our properties range between one million and six million euros. These price ranges are specifically and precisely adapted to various aspects, which include the privileged location, the uniqueness of the property, the typology of the property, its size, as well as architectural characteristics and other relevant specifications.

– What services do you offer later?

– Once the sale of the property is complete, Sophiq specializes in the realization of ultra-personalized projects with clients, guaranteeing delivery dates and closed budgets once the transformation project is completely defined.

For investment and profitability focused clients, Sophiq has strategic allies to ensure effective lease management. Whether the buyer is looking for profitability, buying a property as a first or second home or choosing to renovate with another company, our after-sales services focus on maintaining close contact with the client over time to ensure complete satisfaction.

– What financial data does the company expect at the end of the year?

– Since its establishment, Sophiq’s goal has been to double its turnover year after year. For 2023, a goal of invoicing 25 million euros has been set and it is tentatively expected to close the year with sales close to 28 million. In line with our continuous growth, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of reaching a turnover of 50 million euros by 2024.

-And what are your predictions for the future?

– They are optimistic and plan a path of continuous growth. We hope to maintain the trend of doubling our turnover and to achieve this we will continue to focus on strengthening our ecosystem. This means strategic investments in human capital, technology, infrastructure and other fundamental pillars of our operation. Our plans include opening new areas in Madrid and expanding into new cities.

At Sophia, we have an exceptional team with many years of experience and technologies that allow us to be very efficient, dynamic and flexible, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes in the market or our clients’ preferences, thus ensuring our position and leadership in an ever-evolving environment.

– How will the Spanish real estate market develop?

– At Sophiq, we firmly believe that the development of the real estate market in Madrid will be positive in the coming years. The city continues to take significant steps to establish itself as the premier capital of the luxury segment. By maintaining policies that attract foreign investment, both on a personal and corporate level, Madrid is positioned as an attractive destination for real estate investment.

The city is experiencing strong investment in infrastructure, security, leisure offerings and cultural promotion. These efforts contribute to the growth of the Spanish brand and more specifically the Madrid brand. This combination of strong factors suggests a thriving and ever-expanding real estate environment, supported by growing appeal to both residents and foreign investors seeking opportunities in an increasingly dynamic and attractive market.

A clear example of this trend is the development of housing prices in prime areas, which have seen an average growth of 14.5% per year in the last two years. This reflects the robustness and potential of this ever-growing market, which is consolidating as a highly attractive option for investors and buyers interested in luxury properties in the capital.

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