Investing in real estate in Florida, beyond the sun and the beach

The world has changed after the pandemic. We are becoming citizens of the digital, which, if we talk about business and investment, allows us to be citizens of the world in a way. The real estate business model here in Florida has taken a 180 degree turn for the better.

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Today, it is very easy for foreign investors to acquire real estate from the comfort of their country of residence via computer.

The presentation of projects or real estate is presented either by Zoom, or information is sent by email, or contracts are signed digitally; Payment is made through bank transfers, which are made from the banking application on the phone. So with just a few clicks you can own real estate in Florida. It is important to have the right advice.

When it comes to investing, Florida is a fashionable state not only for Latin Americans, but also for Americans. And Florida truly is a place that has it all. The order, security, authority, and economy of being part of the US.

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There are countless reasons why “solar state.”“It is one of the most desirable places for people who want to invest in a market and economy that is more stable and secure than the market and economy of their countries of origin.

TO A foreign investor means dollarizing and diversifying his portfolio, and thus part of his assets, to fight against inflation and devaluation of his currencies. But in addition, and this is also an advantage for Americans who decide to invest or move to Florida, they get important tax benefits.

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Much of the world came to a standstill during the pandemic. Not in Florida. While the rest of the planet slept, Florida was still active and producing. North Americans have noticed that they can live and work from anywhere, without the ravages of the cold and in larger spaces for the comfort of their families, for a better price and at the same time get tax benefits, since Florida is one of the seven states in the US that does not have a state income tax, they decided to move to a better climate, with sun and beaches all 360 five days a year.

On average after a pandemic More than nine hundred people from other states move to Florida every day.

Two important facts regarding major companies and entrepreneurs moving to Florida that need to be highlighted give us a very clear idea of ​​why Florida, for example, and Miami in particular, are excellent investment options. These two cases allow us to think that Miami will continue to grow as a city and that housing prices in Florida will continue to strengthen.

The first case is that during the pandemic, the mayor of Miami convinced one hundred and twenty-eight of the five hundred largest companies in the US, according to Forbes, to relocate or set up offices in the capital of the sun. In 2022, 57 companies moved in whole or in part, with more to come in 2023. The second case is the best example of the great boom that Florida is enjoying today.

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Magnate and creator of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced to his followers via Instagram on November 2 that he is moving from Seattle to MiamiThe reason for this decision was the opportunity to be closer to his parents, as well as the tax advantages that Florida presents to him and his company, Amazon, by not having a state income tax.

If we talk about other cities, Orlando, it must be said that today it is a world leader in sectors such as technology or healthcare, and that, contrary to what one would believe, less than thirty percent of jobs are created by the manufacturing industry. theme parks.

Orlando has one of the busiest airports, don’t forget that more than seventy-five million tourists visit the Mickey Mouse city every year.

For example, Miami is no longer just the sea and spectacular shopping centers. It must be recognized not only for its beauty, but also because it is a cosmopolitan city that offers all kinds of tourist attractions, business and investment alternatives. With more than 40 projects under development between Miami Dade and Broward, investing in Miami today could be like investing in New York thirty or forty years ago.

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On the entertainment level, There isn’t an artist that doesn’t perform in South Florida; in sports: Formula 1, tennis Miami open, Messi revolutionized this city with Inter Miami, it is also home to the Miami Heats, the Dolphins and the Marlins, in Broward the Panthers, for hockey lovers, Miami is the city that has hosted the Super Bowl the most times, eleven times, and in art, needless to say: Miami is home to Art Basel at the beginning of each December, the Adrienne Arsht Center, which every a week presents cultural music shows such as ballet, symphony, opera, jazz, etc.; dozens of theaters and live music venues daily; art galleries throughout the city including the new graffiti corner, the Wynwood area; And if we talk about culinary and haute cuisine, today Miami has twelve Michelin stars and another seventeen restaurants, without a star, but with a Michelin distinction.

Florida, the place that has it all.

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Jose Porto
Real estate consultant specializing in international buyers.

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