For the Autobest jury, the European car of the year is Chinese and it is the Byd Dolphin

It’s the first. A European jury, in this case an organization jury, has never won a Chinese car the Car of the Year title Autobest the rule of which is simple: one medium on earth, in this case Caradisiac for France, represented by a journalist, in this case me, joins his 29 colleagues to choose the car that seems to be the best on the current market. So this is it Be a dolphin which won the trophy among the four models in the final selection. The Chinese won against Fiat 600ePUSH Jeep Avenger and Hyundai Kona Electric.

The test session, which took place over two days at the end of November at the Austrian circuit in Teesdorf, brought together 30 journalists from the jury and made it possible to decide between the last cars in the run. Because protectionism was not part of the criteria upheld by the jury, Dolphin won. But a short head. The Chinese car was awarded 25.88% of the points, compared to 25.44% for the second-placed Hyundai Kona. Behind this exclusively Asian leading pair are cousins ​​Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e in 3rd and 4th place.

The tests of the four finalists, including the Fiat 600e, took place on the circuit in Teesdorf, Austria.

Obviously a short victory Byd is a surprise that also reflects the jury’s hesitation. Dan Vardie, President of Autobest realizes this, “ It’s one of the closest scores in the last ten years.” But in the end it is the Chinese who will win for several reasons. First of all for its excellent ratio of price and autonomy, as mentioned Alan Froli in his essay published this summer.

And in fact, at 28,990 with a 44.9 kWh battery and at 33,990 euros in a 60.4 kWh version, the European competition may have some concerns. Especially since the equipment is abundant, the assembly quality is impeccable, and the machine’s power consumption borders on perfection. As for the few steering and front axle issues noted six months ago, they have since been partially fixed.

Vote with your soul and conscience

Except that the Autobest jury did not take into account a crucial criterion that is difficult to take into account: Delfín, like other Bydos, is excluded from ecological bonus in France because of his origins. However, as the legislation varies between European countries, this criterion was clearly not met.

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This exclusion of the bonus for Chinese cars is clearly a protectionist barrier. A barrier that is objectively difficult to account for in the judgment a journalist might have when confronted by a car. Although this can cause serious problems for the local industry. It is no less true that each of the thirty jurors has the right to vote with his soul and conscience and to fight, or not, for the benefit of his European national industry.

Hyundai Kona Electric finished second in the ranking.

Still, this distinction offered to a Chinese car risks causing a bit of chatter in a European sector already loaded with the progress of Middle Kingdom cars on the Old Continent. Especially when the next Byd, Sealalso finds himself in the running and final selection in another European trophy car of the year. Double victory Build your dreams it would mean, if it were still necessary, that the qualitative progress of the Chinese automobile industry definitely took precedence over its social disadvantage.

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