Financial education for children: this startup suggests giving out credit cards for Christmas

The financial education is a term that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Learning about saving, security, and some other financial basics is always a good idea, no matter what age we’re learning.

In this context, Pixpay, a launch founded in France, which entered the Spanish market in 2021 and is presented with the aim of revolutionizing payment solutions for teenagers and providing them with the necessary resources to manage their economy.

In fact, this fintech has been launched the first app to offer teenagers over 10 an alternative to traditional banksand contributes to financial education children and young people.

An educational gift

With Christmas celebrations approaching, gifts are also returning. Details that have evolved and been digitized, with technological products such as tablets or other gadgets that are popular among the youngest today. But what if we make an educational gift with a digital ingredient?

Well, that’s what they thought at Pixpay, which suggests an educational and inexpensive gift for children and teenagers this Christmas. It’s a card that can be used for ages 10 and up, allowing them to manage and manage their money safely and responsibly.

And that’s it 8 out of 10 Spanish families say there are training gaps when it comes to financial education, according to company data. For this reason, 95% of families encourage their children to save.

To support this reserve of your income, Pixpay allows parents to teach their children to manage their money safely and responsibly through its app. Your card for children and teenagers also enables them manage and manage your money safely and responsiblysavings support and financial education.

Savings support

According to Pixpay data, 50% of teenagers’ payments are already made with their mobile phone. Therefore, a credit card can be a very interesting gift because it allows work on values ​​such as responsibility or savings management.

Thus, children and young people will have financial independence for shopping and at the same time manage their finances in a pleasant and fun way. In other words, this is an educational gift that will serve you well for much of your life.

On the other hand, this gift can help them find an achievable and clear goal that justifies saving and motivates them to save a certain amount of money to invest in something they want or need. Thus, they also learn to distinguish between whim and need.

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