Concierge Friend is revolutionizing the concept of travel guides through a more personalized approach

VALENCIA (VP). Concierge Friend, available through the App Sore, Play Store and its own online platform, is an app that, according to its creators, “redefines the concept of travel guides by offering personalized experiences tailored to each traveler’s specific interests.”

Its implementation earned its managers the award for Best Traveltech / Tourism Startup 2023 in the VLC Startup Awards, awards organized annually by the Valencia City Council through Valencia Activa, VLC Tech City and VIT Emprende in collaboration with Startup Valencia to reward talent. and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Alexis Giacomelloco-founder and COO of Concierge Friend, shares this success with the team he is building together with software developers Andrea Pozza and Mattia Pennalso co-founders and product and graphic designer, Celine Chantal. This union has served to create what they consider an “innovative and personalized digital travel guide solution.”

Its creators point out that “Concierge Friend was born from observing a gap in the travel industry where we identified a need to provide a more personalized and customized experience for travelers.”

From idea to application

Transforming inspiration into something tangible is not an easy task, and in this delicate transition they had the crucial support of Lanzadera, a startup accelerator in the port of Valencia, who “gave us the resources and essential support to turn our vision into a business reality. ” they warn. They also received advice from senior Secot volunteers from Valencia, who helped them improve their value proposition and perfect their business strategy.

For its creator, the development of Concierge Friend was “an exciting journey that spanned years, from the conception of the idea during the pandemic, the development and testing of the platform in 2021 and 2022 to its implementation in 2023. Each phase” The process required dedication and effort, but the result he was gratifying,” they agree.

What is original about it?

Travel guides are a very traditional product, but they are not exempt from constant development thanks to the use of new technologies. To those responsible for Concierge Friend: “Our innovative approach uses cutting-edge technology to offer personalized guides tailored to each hotel and the profile or tastes of its guests. Personalization goes beyond general recommendations and ensures a unique and meaningful experience for each user.”

They emphasize that their success is based on a combination of technological innovation, personalized attention and a customer-focused approach. “Our ability to adapt to each client’s specific needs has been key,” they say.

The application has already been successfully implemented in several tourist hotels and apartments in and around Valencia. Users can access these personalized digital guides via a link or QR code delivered upon check-in at affiliated hotel and accommodation facilities.

In such a competitive market with a wide range of options like everything travel-related, they claim to stand out “due to our quality of service, exceptional customer service and our ability to offer personalized solutions that exceed expectations”. ”

Business difficulty and recognition

Alexis Giacomello, co-founder, chief financial officer and chief operating officer, like the rest of his colleagues, responds to the profile of a young person who manages to succeed through entrepreneurship, which is not an easy task. He advises those who want to follow this path to “learn from every challenge, build a strong support network and above all focus on your long-term vision. Our experience has taught us that part of being successful is finding a way to always stay ahead, learn from setbacks and continue to improve the value proposition.”

Regarding the honor received at the VLC Startup Awards 2023, they point out that “it is a significant recognition of our efforts and confirmation of the innovation we are bringing to the industry. “We greatly appreciate these initiatives as they highlight excellence and promote healthy business in the industry.”

With a promising journey ahead, Concierge Friend emphasizes that “we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to offer even more exceptional experiences in the future.” They are currently opening their product to the Seville market and plan to expand to Madrid and Barcelona next year . “We thank Valencia Activa and Startups Valencia for this honor and our entire team for their hard work and dedication,” they say.

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