Revolutionizing robotic dental accessibility with AI: AI in robotic dental accessibility

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in various industries, and healthcare is no exception. One of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare is in the field of dentistry, where robotic technology is revolutionizing oral care by making it more accessible, efficient and accurate. Robotic dental systems with artificial intelligence are poised to … Read more

Concierge Friend is revolutionizing the concept of travel guides through a more personalized approach

VALENCIA (VP). Concierge Friend, available through the App Sore, Play Store and its own online platform, is an app that, according to its creators, “redefines the concept of travel guides by offering personalized experiences tailored to each traveler’s specific interests.” Its implementation earned its managers the award for Best Traveltech / Tourism Startup 2023 in … Read more

How Proptech is revolutionizing the Barcelona property market

In international news and in the context of the dynamic and ever-changing real estate scene BarcelonaTechnology is emerging as a key catalyst for transforming the way we buy, sell and invest in real estate. The technological revolution in the real estate sector, known as Proptech, has gained significant momentum and created innovative investment opportunities in … Read more

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