Aremas Real Estate aims to grow in 2024

Aremas Gayrimenkul celebrated its 14th anniversary with an event held at the Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus with its business partners and investors as part of a traditional New Year’s welcome meeting.

At the event, Vedat Arslan, Chairman of Aremas Real Estate, reviewed 2023 in the real estate sector, especially housing, and announced his expectations and predictions for the sector and Aremas for 2024.

Special model for Istanbul

Touching on the latest developments in real estate, Vedat Arslan said that the sector movement, which continued from June 2020 to the end of 2022, increased with a focus on channeling cash into housing and that the contraction was inevitable due to the earthquake and tightening policies. in early 2023.

Stressing that 2024 could be a difficult year for the real estate sector, Vedat Arslan highlighted the importance of urban transformation by stressing that in an environment where there is no project and mortgage financing and the market is narrowing, projects that can be offered for sale can be reduced.

Saying that Istanbul needs an urban transformation, Vedat Arslan said, “It is not possible to secure the funding needed for this only through equity funds or external financing.

We believe that a mortgage system specific to the transformation of cities should be introduced and therefore the risk should be spread across the base.

The structures that will support this system must be established through real estate investment trusts and funds, pension funds or portfolio management companies and supported by the power of good sales. “This requires organizations that have completed their institutionalization,” he said.

Closed 2023 with growth

Vedat Arslan, Chairman of Aremas Real Estate, explained that they offer consultancy services from A to Z, from concept development to after-sales services, with many years of experience in real estate.

Will continue to serve new projects at home and abroad in 2024 and said: “14 years ago: “Aremas, which was founded to provide sales and marketing support for large-scale housing projects, has become a brand that provides 360-degree consulting services. to real estate projects by adding concept development, project development consulting and commercial sales and leasing to the business lines over time,” he said.

Vedat Arslan said that Aremas, whose total sales area of ​​the projects they have served so far has reached approximately 5 million square meters, has offices in Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum, as well as Frankfurt and Dubai, and said: “Despite all the negativity, they have concluded we are the year 2023 growth. “We started serving foreign markets with the brands DPA Estate in real estate sales, Arcons Global, which specializes in aluminum facade systems and marble, and Miva Invest, which focuses on asset management,” he said.

Our expectations for 2024 are high

Vedat Arslan said they are launching real estate projects in Dubai and London with DPA Estate, which is active in selling real estate to foreigners, and said they are working with D&B of Dubai and Savills of London and that they plan to close 2024 with growth. .

Aremas Gayrimenkul, Chairman of Vedat Arslan, explained that in 2021, they launched the “Aremas Girls Education Support Scholarship Fund” with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) in his words:

“We continue to support girls who are educated outside their hometown. We increased the total number of scholarship recipients from last year’s 50 to 60. “Our goal is to increase this number every year.”

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