Pronabec is launching a strategy of providing more opportunities for quality higher education

The Ministry of Education’s National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (Pronabec) launched Aliado por la Educación, an institutional strategy that joins efforts with the private sector to provide Peruvians with more opportunities for quality higher education and professional growth.

This public initiative seeks to bridge the coverage gap in access to higher education and professional specialization, and therefore will provide new study opportunities to thousands of Peruvians who applied for Pronabec scholarships and did not achieve them due to a minimal difference in scores. This will also strengthen the specialized knowledge of the beneficiaries and create more job offers so that they can successfully enter the world of work.

For this reason, through this strategy, companies, private educational institutions and civil society organizations have been invited to join forces and support different areas. These are:

Educational ally: awarding new scholarships to applicants for Beca 18, Beca Hijos de Docentes and Beca Permanencia who remained in the final round of competitions and did not receive a scholarship at that time. Applicants have high academic results and insufficient financial resources.

Employability Ally: offering job opportunities for Pronabec beneficiaries, whether through bootcamps (intensive courses for starting a job), pre-professional, professional internships or contracts. Partners who are part of this area will be guaranteed to recruit talented, high performing and socially engaged professionals.

Ally Knowledge: investment of resources to support, subsidize or sustain the research of Pronabec beneficiaries, as well as the development of their businesses, artistic initiatives, etc.

Allied Ambassador for Education: the intervention of public figures who have influence in the media, the dissemination of Pronabec opportunities and the stories of its beneficiaries, to expand the range of opportunities at the national and international level.

Private sector entities that join the cause sign agreements and become strategic partners of Pronabec, and then receive the distinctive “Allied for Education” seal, distinguishing them as institutions dedicated to transforming the lives of Peruvians through higher education.

The strategy also creates the Pronabec Ambassadors award, which recognizes the institution’s emblematic beneficiaries. They are social leaders who have supported their community and country with their expertise and their life stories of perseverance.

Opening ceremony

As part of the launch of Aliado por la Educación, Pronabec signed this Thursday an agreement with the Suyana Peru – Bolivia Foundation, becoming the first private company to finance 45 comprehensive scholarships for young people with high academic performance and insufficient economic resources to start or continue professional career at the universities of Cusco, Apurímac and Puno.

The ceremony was presided over by Pronabec Executive Director Ivette Infantes Montalvo, who presented the Allied for Education Seal to the Foundation’s Executive Director, Alberto Arango de la Torre, committing her institution to education in the country. This strategy is promoted by the Deputy Minister for Institutional Management of the Ministry of Education, Soraya Altabás Kajatt.

Since its inception, Pronabec has changed the lives of more than 247,000 Peruvians by awarding them scholarships for access and permanence to quality higher education. Supporting the private sector will provide more opportunities, which will contribute to a fairer society and accelerate the country’s development.

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